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  • Premier Icon johnhe

    I like Starbucks Americano when it has an neutral shot in it. Not the best coffee in the world, but pretty good.

    I like getting my coffee with Adolf or Ghengis written on it. No I don’t like giving them my first name, but I think they’re generally more embarrassed about asking than I am about answering.

    Premier Icon tthew

    Find me one in Cardiff with better coffee and cakes.

    and if you’re down by the docks, Herb and Ellies.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Our local Dominos pizza ask for your name if you go into the shop and order. I’ve only been in a few times, but they asked my name when I was in on my own one lunchtime.

    They have now started getting their delivery drivers to put roof boxes in the cars with Dominos in big letters so we now have loads of kids bombing around it their Corsas lit up like Xmas trees.

    Oh well at least they can’t deny what their journey is for if the Police pull them in and see if they have Business insurance.

    Barclays now have free WiFi – how long do they think we want to spend in the branch that we have to have Internet access ?

    Tescos ” love every mouthful ” campaign – annoying

    CRC changing the website

    Halfords trying to be a LBS when the kids in there don’t have a clue

    I’d better stop else I’m going to have a nosebleed……….


    I’ve never been in Starbucks but I will now, my name will be Herpes on the 1st visit, Hitler on the 2nd, and so on.

    It’s the little things that brighten your day 😆


    natwest card security. I was off to singapore so I rang them and said I’m off to singapore please put a note on my file that my cards will be doing transactions there so you don’t block them .They said “we don’t do that sir but don’t worry we have a sophisticated system to ensure that won’t happen”. Cue one missed call on my mobile at 3am local time followed by blocked card in the most embarrasing circumstances .Response to my angry and expensive call” We tried to ring you to find out why your card was being used in singapore you didn’t answer so we blocked it.”


    Today it had three or four screens worth of gumph (gumf?) explaining how they had received a commendation from the RNIB for making their cash machines accessible to the blind etc and then finished off with a screen explaining that to use the service all you needed to do was put your headphones into the socket and press 5 to get the audio instructions…

    There’s always braille on the 5 in a cash machine (and many other numerical keypads) and blind people know about the headphones. It’s just letting Joe Bloggs know how customer friendly they are (even though they’ve done nothing special)

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    samuri – Member
    This. In fact if a company said ‘our bogroll isn’t soft but it’s hard as nails’ and showed a dock worker grimacing as he scrubbed his backside, I’d buy that one…

    Only the once though. Bogrolls used to be hard as nails. The very thought makes my cheeks quiver with postcipitation. (Perfectly cromulent word, that)

    Civilisation didn’t start until we had soft bogrolls IMO. 🙂


    There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of an overpriced pretentiously named pint-size cup of slightly coffee favoured hot watery milk.

    If you’re not capable of ordering a double espresso or a flat white etc. instead of a large latte then I’d suggest Starbucks/Costa is too much of an intellectual challenge for you and maybe stick to a van in a layby where you can struggle with the choice between ‘coffee’ and ‘tea’.

    I think the worst idea most companies had was putting gaggia machines everywhere. If I want a big coffee, filter will do just fine. I’m not really into waiting 10 minutes for while somebody clanks about making dozens of potentially passable espressos, then sloppping in a load of tepid water and milk.

    If you buy filter at most Stabucks, the cashier pours it for you there and then so you can remain anonymous.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    If I want a big coffee, filter will do just fine

    I, on the other hand, prefer lattes to filter. So I like the machines 🙂


    That’s in your own interests.

    However, it’s tantamount to admitting that the existing PIN code security isn’t up to the job.

    And, internet orders can be practically anywhere, easy to buy stuff from e.g. a German bike shop, whilst still remaining physically in jolly old blighty. And you don’t need a PIN for that, plus you can decline to have the addition password gubbins that many credit cards now have.



    I’m currently very annoyed with drinks companies telling me that I could enhance my summer if I a) drank their piss-weak rubbish lager/cider from Australia/Belgium* but that I should also b) drink it responsibly.

    Drinking crap beer/cider, hell, drinking alcohol full stop, will not enhance my summer. It will make me fat, feel hungover and ruin my fitness.

    * All made in west London by the A4. Another lie.

    Drink a proper imported beer then, that should prevent all of the above.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    easy to buy stuff from e.g. a German bike shop, whilst still remaining physically in jolly old blighty

    Yeah but they won’t (or shouldn’t) ship to an address other than the card’s. So any fraudster would not be able to get hold of your stuff.

    Chip and Pin isn’t ideal, but it’s the best we can do without either loads more technology or much more difficult process.

    Mobile phone companies that continually change and relaunch their tarriffs, but don’t offer better value.

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