Laptop/netbook recommendations?

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  • Laptop/netbook recommendations?
  • Kit

    Looking for something very portable, either very slim/lightweight laptop or (more realistically) a netbook. Not interested in Apple (mainly due to cost) …

    I only need something which surfs the web and can use Office 2010 as a minimum and have good battery life so I don’t have to carry the charger with me all the time. Mainly for taking into uni for note-taking etc.

    Any cunning ideas or good deals at the moment? (Also looking for a desktop to connect to the TV 🙂 )


    Bought an Asus 1015PX netbook from dixons duty free, including case and Home Office for £290 – does all that I want of it – skype, long battery life, internet access, with the obvious limitation of a small screen.

    I just bought one of THESE. Well impressed.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Acer timeline laptops are very good.


    I’ve recommended this to a few people now, including the inlaws. Seems good for the monies!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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