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  • Premier Icon bruneep

    Need a new battery for sons Dell studio 1555. Dell are asking £100+ ebay is full of various offerings with poor feedback.

    Where is good to get replacement batteries from apart from shelling out at Dell.



    I’ve had a few Dell laptop batteries via Ebay and they’ve been fine. I don’t go for the cheapest though, but stick with ones that have decent feedback.

    Premier Icon TPTcruiser

    Got a replacement Acer battery from here (Dell down the left hand side):
    Good speed of delivery (via Hong Kong, I think).
    We chose a 12 cell over the 6 cell it was replacing. The battery sticks out of the base but phenomenal life time.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Been using THESE for my Acer for a while. Had to return a couple after 7 or 8 months and both exchanged without a problem.

    Have just seen others on Ebay offering 3 year warranties but no idea if they are any good.


    I got one for 25 odd quid from anker direct on amazon, two and a half years ago and its indistinguishable from the original.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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