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  • Large black Timbuk2

    Laptop-specific bags just scream “steal me!” IMO.


    I have some marketing ones with a well know IT brand on it, would fit a 15″ laptop…pm your welcome to one for the cost of postage or collection from Cannock Chase



    I’ve had one of these for about 8 years now and it still going strong. Brilliant bit of kit.

    For the first time in forever it looks like I’ll have to buy a laptop bag rather than mug a friendly vendor for one. It’s a well known fact that STWers ply their trade as computer jockeys, so what does everyone recommend?


    @clunker thanks for the offer but need one for a 17 incher 🙂

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    Patagucci critical mass

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    Last laptop bag I bought, 17″, I had fairly exacting requirements. Only one that fit the bill was an “Everki Style” or some such. It’s perfect.

    Prior to that, I’d been a big fan of Targus and Tech-Air. I’ve got a Targus laptop bag that I currently use for work, easily ten years old and still going strong.

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    Tried a fair few ‘traditional’ style laptop bags over recent years (Antler, Targus, Animal, Billabong, etc.) but never really got on with any of them.

    Use one of these now.

    slainte 8) rob


    Ortlieb downtown QL3. On and off the bike.

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    Crumpler are really nice, I have a Bucktaker, not sure if that’s still in the current range. I needed a big one for my massive 17 incher 😀

    Cheers, Rich


    @coulornoise. Hi Rob, Im a newbie here and with mountain biking in general. I am trying to PM you but cant seem to figure out how to do it. So forgive me for butting into this thread.
    I notice you mentioned on another dead thread you had the merrell refuge pro ventilator GTX and just wanted to ask you if they could be used on a mountian bike for commutting. Are the soles grippy enough? I have a pair of five tens for my newbie trail riding 🙂 but i have bought the merrell for my 7 mile commute and other urban use and im awaiting delivery. Would they be any use or would the just keep slipping off my pedals. I have easton flatboy pedals by the way as i dont feel ready for clipless.Again,sorry for busting in on this thread.
    Regards, Richie

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    (OT) Richie – Don’t think I’ve ever ridden in my Merrells so this is just a gut reaction. I reckon they would be OKish for road commuting on flats but wouldn’t want to do anything too rough with them. Merrell soles are great for walking but aren’t the grippiest rubber – that and the big tread pattern means I don’t think they would work brilliantly with flat pedal pins.

    having said that, the Ventilators are great all-round walking/urban/loafing shoes.

    I tend to commute in my 5-10s and change footwear at work.


    slainte 🙂 rob


    I was looking at these bags in Bath recently,
    Started by the people who made Chrome messenger bags. Expensive, but beautifully made, and superb attention to detail. Lifetime guarantee, apparently. Lots of very neat features as well.

    If you want something smart then are very good.


    Pakuma Choroka K1

    Had mine for years. Strap got mauled in a car door recently and Pakuma have put a replacement in the post for free. Laptop padded section is fab.


    +1 for ^ 🙂

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