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  • Lapierre or cannondale?
  • gthurlow

    buying my first full suss bike via cycle scheme voucher and i dont have much to play with but im torn between these two:

    lapierre x-control 110 2012 bike
    cannondale rz on twenty 3 2011

    ive found them retailing both at £1099

    can anyone help me out with my decision please?
    im swaying towards the cannondale for spec but i think i may get on better with the lapierre because the company are solid.

    any hep would be much appreciated



    The Rize is supposed to be ace.


    I have an original Rize from 2008 and as said above, it’s ace.

    Having since ridden an RZ140 and a 120 my personal opinion is that the bike is more suited to the longer travel.

    Beware that any bargain Cannondale will simply be a rolling chassis with just enough kit to get it out of the door


    I have a rize 1 and it is brilliant. Tried lots of bikes and chose this mainly as the geometry really suited me. There are some nice touches like full length outers and the ability to tighten the pivots with either socket, wrench or hex. Also headtube is compatible with everything! Lifetime warranty on frame too.

    Wouldn’t choose a lapierre by comparison….but that’s just me 😉

    Premier Icon Angus Wells

    I ride an LP X Control 310. Highly competent bike that is rather overlooked next to its Zesty and Spicy stablemates in my opinion. I haven’t ridden either of the other LPs but I have briefly ridden an RZ. Hard to say which you should choose really. 2 very similar bikes. I went for the LP because if I had bought the ‘Dale I would have always regretted the fact that I didn’t have a Lefty.


    thanx for the help

    i ride mainly singletrack xc and think both bike would be capable its just choosing the best option to upgrade bits on really, i think the cannondale might be abit of an all rounder machine at the moment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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