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    I’m 6’1 and a bit and 80kg and I really struggle to find mountain bike gilets or jackets which are a good fit in the body but long enough in the back. I either find clothing which is long enough but baggy in the body like a bin bag, or a good fit in the body but rides up like a crop top!

    Can anyone recommend a gilet or jacket which maybe comes in a slim fit for example? I have looked over chain reaction and wiggle but they just list the generic small,medium and large which then between brands is any guess on the fit!

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    6’3″ and skinny here – wish XL meant Extra Long and not Extra Fat!

    Endura MTR jackets are a good fit for me.

    At least with CRC you can return stuff free.

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    I’m not lanky but for anything where fit is difficult I either trawl the interweb for a short list and then order loads online expecting to return most of it, or keep dropping into actual shops and trying stuff on.

    Sizing is so weird though – my Singletrack 1 and 2 shorts fit identically but the medium is a bit tight right now. I tried some Singletrack 3 – the large was big enough for me and a friend and the medium’s waist struggled to cinch up tight enough. Whilst another brand in a medium were so tight they looked like lycra. No wonder I’ve been wearing the same two pairs of shorts for six years!

    6’2″ and built like a dray horse. I find that I have to try things on if possible. However there are some brands that I know fit e.g Endura shorts but definitely not Endura tops which I can only assume are an “athletic” fit.

    P.S  Count yourself lucky, one of my mates is 6’8″ and has to buy whatever fits no matter the colour or cost.Sometimes it’s like riding with an expensively dressed Timmy Mallet!

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    6ft5  endura windchill2 jacket is  nice and long on me

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    6′ 5″ 80kg so watching with interest.

    Endura Flyte jacket (poss discontinued but still some around) fits well in a medium.  Arms are a good length.  Endura intentionally have quite different cuts in different ranges.  The racier (roadie/MTR) stuff is cut a lot slimmer than the HumVee fat boy mtb stuff.

    It does seem odd that cycling isn’t big enough to have tall sizes from more manufacturers yet.

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