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  • Langdale – NDG to skelwith bridge, how rocky?
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    Decided it was time to dust off the lights and get my arse outside so just looking at some easy night time loops for the cross bike. Dont really want hard stuff just something to give a bit of variety instead of all tarmac.

    From Windermere i was going to ride to Ambleside (road) then use the gravel cycle trail towards grasmere, back towards langdale over red bank, then at the end of langdale i was going to try and come back along the gravel track that leads to Skelwith bridge. Ive only ridden the track to Skelwith bridge from Elterwater, whats it like before that is it similar surface?

    This bit, between points 1 and 4


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    I rode it the other week. It’s aimed at leasire cyclists on hybrids, I’d say. I.e. you’ll be fine on a gravel fine, it’s well surfaced.

    Edit: looking again, I think I’m talking about 4-7, sorry

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    Yeah completely rideable. First bit ok. Bit across the river slightly lumpy up to bayesbrown but easy on a mountain bike the rest is road.

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    Pretty smooth I would say. I’ve seen worse lumps in tarmac.

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