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  • surfer

    They are PITA but what irritates me is the ones who get next to you when you move into the inside lane and then match your speed. When you want to move out to overtake you have to slow down. Move over 2 lanes to take account of the halfwit who was next to you in lane 2 then move back in. Only for lane 2 disckhead to accelerate and do the same again!
    Sometimes its rational for people to hog the middle lane given the number of people who try to stop you moving out to overtake by accelerating when you indicate.


    Ever honk your horn and middle lane hoggers? Seems to me if we all did this when overtaking they might get the message…might they?

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    And of course this is silly season. Many people on the motorways during school holidays won’t be used to the motorway’s habits and rhythms. They will also be lost, have the sat nav smack-bang in the middle of the windscreen, will have screaming kids behind them and the dog licking their ear, will have fallen out with the other half and is also trying to stick their two penneth worth in on a cycle forum


    “Ever honk your horn and middle lane hoggers? Seems to me if we all did this when overtaking they might get the message…might they?”
    No if you draw attention to their inability to comply with a real simple and safe rule of the road you are a ” cock ” apparently.


    The way I have interpreted motorway driving from an advance trained officer is basically as follows

    Lane 1 is the main lane for all vehicles restricted and unrestricted 70mph limit
    Lane 2 is for passing slower moving vehicles
    Lane 3 is for passing if 1 & 2 are being used (lane 2 has vehicle restrictions for use)

    When you have overtaken slower moving safely you move back into L1 if safe to do so or if you are approaching more traffic ahead continue in the lane of least resistance. Basically drive for the gap ahead. You should always be looking to move back into L1 if safe to do so!

    Sorry but anyone who drives constantly in L2 is a cock and a danger to other road users!
    If there wasn’t a problem with this enforcement measures wouldn’t have been implemented?

    Chip – Also at the end of the day who gets the point and fine for speeding? Yes you and not the person behind flashing their lights and sounding their horn!

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    There are four reasons why people use the wrong lane on motorways.

    Ignorance: They don’t know any better
    Incompetence: They don’t have the skill or awareness to change lanes safely so they stick to the middle lane.
    Laziness: They are perfectly aware of the rules but can’t be bothered observing them, driving in the same lane means not having to concentrate too hard on what they are doing.
    Selfishness: No one else’s journey is more important than theirs so why should they have to move out of the lane they want to be in. This reason is particularly prevalent amongst drivers who hog lane 3


    This thread proves we all live in our own little world, with our own interpretation of the rules, it’s the me me me culture init.
    I just stick a caravan on the back and annoy everyone by just being on the road. 🙄


    Re the people who tailgate if you drive at the speedlimit just easing off on the accelerator a tad normally makes them drop back . It does not reduce their anger but they were probably suffering some issues anyway.

    Don’t condone tailgating but sometimes you get the person in front who just sits there at around 70 in the outside lane, despite the inside lane being fully clear for quite some distance, which seems to be getting particularly bad on duel carriageways these days where there’s no third lane to get past them. Are these people just inconsiderate self righteous cocks and too selfish to let a faster driver past or do these people just never use their mirrors at all? Get with it and move the **** over for ****s sake!

    I think the given advice is that if somebody comes barrelling up behind you, you should just get out of his way. Which is what I do as much as it would be a bit of fun to hold him up for a few seconds…I’d prefer an idiot like that to be as far away from me as possible as soon as possible. If I’m overtaking and driving to the posted speed limit, then frankly he or she can wait till I’ve overtaken and moved back, and be merrily on his or her way afterwards. We’re all headed to the back of the same queues somewhere anyway…some people just need to be there a few seconds or minutes sooner.


    Faster driver?

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