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    Id seriously get an new Mortice lock fitted on the rear door as well as the front, and why did they duplicate the cylinders, one key now allows access front and back,so thieves now have easier access without force if ever the keys go.


    My previous landlord did something similar except the keys that they took also had a key for my dad's flat so I charged them £50 for a replacement.

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    Under landlord and tenant law they MUST give you reasonable notice that they are calling, though they do have a right of access to do maintenance type work.

    Not sure what penalties can be imposed if they fail to do so – is it a private landlord or with an agent – if it's an agent, and they are members of NFL or ARLA or whoever they are this year, might be worth complaining to the federation


    I'll check the contract now, thought it was 24hrs notice although not checked the maintenance work rules.


    Just got home from work to find our landlords been in and changed the backdoor yale lock to match the one on the front door.

    Thing is,
    1. They didn't tell us they were doing it.
    2. They didn't leave a note or call to say what they had done it.
    3. I've just spent 30mins trying to find the old keys that were on the table this morning (before I realised they'd changed the lock and took the keys)
    4. There's grubby hand marks all over the frekin door.

    Yeah crap rant, and not a great stress but, is all i can expect in the morning a crap apology and a 'sorry we tried to call' when they clearly didn't – can I push them for much more than that?


    I'd be changing the lock to my own after that, for sure!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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