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  • landegla closed??
  • loddrik

    Other places to ride, CyB only 40 mins further.


    There’s a warning in the oneplanet website.
    Did you just turn round and go home??


    Looks like llandegla website been hacked

    Unless its some disgruntled homophobic religious nut job mtber ?

    hi loddrik,
    yes i know there are other places ,but we needed to be back for a certain time etc.
    i didnt see anything on the websites and neither did the countless others that were all showing up

    just seen the one planet warning…oh dear


    Are you sure the sites been hacked? It may be the view point of Llandegla 😯


    The etape Cymru was on roads were closed for three hours that is all, calm down!


    Why not go and ride some natural trails?


    Actually it was just the road by me closed for three hours there was loads if other trails you could have ridden north Wales or Wales in general isn’t just trail centers!

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Alternatively you maybe could have parked up somewhere like this and ridden in the back way…

    Edit, scrap that – that road is on the etape route as well..

    Cannot believe we were all up at the crack of dawn and drove for 2 hours only to find ALL the roads to the trail centre were fully blocked with police.Seems theres some big road race on in the hills surrounding the trails.
    There were loads of disgruntled MTBs all trying to find a way through to the centre,i gave up in the end and came home…LIVID
    I checked the web site thouroughly before setting off and there was no mention of this.???
    Seems ridiculous to me.
    Surely it was someones job/responsibilty to do this??

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot
    Yep looks like its been slightly hacked!

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    and ridden in the back way…

    There’s a specific message on the front page of the coedllandegla website discouraging this kind of behaviour. 🙂


    I managed a nice 4 and a half hours riding this morning…all within 15 miles of the centre :mrgreen:


    I find it funny that the stupid hackers are going on about gayering and that Jesus bloke, and at the very bottom of the page it says “Aren’t birds great?”.

    Women are fab (hi Emsz if you’re about!) but I’ll stick to the gayering myself. As for Jesus, I’d have to see how cute he is first 😀


    We did a road bike event today that was supposed to have a lunch stop at the cafe at Llandegla trail centre but we weren’t allowed on the closed roads either so we had to divert to a butty van at a nearby lead mine.

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