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  • Lance and TDU (contains his position in race)
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    s0, 29th overall on GC, not bad for an old guy that’s been out of it for a while


    Yep, I think he’s done rather well. High enough to show that he is still with it, but low enough as to not have too many expectations from him.

    I reckon he’s going to go for Gold on the Giro D’Italia, as he’s never won that. Then sit back (in a supportive style) and allow Contador to win the TdF.


    I don’t think that his position means anything with road racing being tactical and all – look at the margins – he could easily have been 20 places higher or lower on a handful of seconds.

    What was far more telling was that he was in good enough form to attack and never got dropped on the harder stages.

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    I reckon he was hiding his light under a bushel. This race wasn’t important enough to win.

    If he had won it, he’d be a marked man for the rest of the season.

    What he’s done is finish well enough to prove he can still do it, tell everyone how hard it was for him, and it gave an opportunity for him to check the out the legs of his team mates.

    After the drug testing fairies had finished with him he probably did it on less blood than everyone else 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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