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  • Lakes conditions/advice please!
  • JonEdwards

    I’m up in the lakes for 3 day next week, one of which I’ll spend walking.

    I’ve got 3 routes earmarked, but any comments on ground conditions/route choice/ease of navigation would be handy!

    Staveley, up the Dubbs Road, drop down to HighStreet, then do the cheeky link around Mardale Ill Bell to the top of Nan Bield. Attempt (!) to ride down to Haweswater, then lug back up and ride back down to Staveley. I’ve done the standard Garburn/Nan Bield route before, teh only bit I don’t know is High Street/cheeky bit.

    Helvellyn from Wythburn Comb Crags/Birk Side, then down DollyWaggon (yes I know about the steps), then down Great Tongue to Grasmere. I’ve done Dollywaggon both ways before, but don’t know any of the other trails on the W. side of Helvellyn.

    Rossett Ghyll/Styhead/Langstrath/Stake Pass. I know Styhead and bits of Esk Hause. I’ve waled Rossett Ghyll decades ago.

    I’m aware that all 3 routes are evil bastards in places and yes I’m expecting a fair amount of carrying. Weather forecast doesn’t look *too* bad, but I’d rather avoid tramping up to my knees in featureless bog, or having to push down utterly unrideable descents (I do like my techy riding) if possible.


    Premier Icon lowey

    Here for up to date forecast plus fell top conditions.

    I’d be looking at 2 or 3 myself as a bit more all weather, although the pull up from Whythburn to Helvellyn is awful.

    If you like tech, then consider descending Rossett. Hardest thing on that loop by far.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Attempt (!) to ride down to Haweswater

    have you or anyone else tried this? Pushed up it not fancied the look of it, but sometimes my gnar-o-meter just isn’t working while pushing up a hill. Interesting concept tho, wonder if there is a route from hallow bank quarter up to the Yoke. Yoke->Kentmere is not the most technical but great fun


    1.Better to push up from Haweswater to Gatesgarth pass then cheeky over the top of Harter Fell (great little trail)

    2.Not done Great Tongue, but if dry Helvellyn, Lower Man, Raise, sticks pass – Legburthwaite is brill

    3. great circuit from Langdale. Done it both ways. Rossett as a climb is best

    No idea on conditions as a summer visiting Surrey boy..

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    What freeridenick says!
    I,m around Wednesday and fancy Nan bield/Ill Bell if you need company starting from staveley

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