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    Are they decent? what’s the sizing like?



    I’ve got some of their roadie shoes with the boa-loc system and have had no issues at with them.
    They seem well made, are comfy and do what they are supposed to.
    Sizing wise, I went for a size up (like I do with Shimano MTB shoes).

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    Cheers collie.

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    Road shoes here too. Considering they’re Italian, and their shoes tend to be quite narrow, the width is very reasonable. Solid pair of comfortable carbon soled disco slippers that have lasted 3 years and a few thousand miles so far and fairly good price wise too. The only problem is dealers seem to be thin on the ground, if there was one near me I’d buy a new pair of Lake MTB shoes to replace my worn out ones. But there’s not, so I won’t…

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    Got a pair of their waterproof MX140’s and very impressed with them. Been using them for a couple of years now with no problems – they don’t have the full woolly winter lining like a lot of waterproof boots so are good for wet summer ware as well (been perfect for this year).

    I normally ware a UK size 9 and found their UK size 9 a perfect fit.


    i have just received a pair from Wiggle, but haven’t ridden in them yet. For the prices they are doing them for I would say they are pretty good, the quality of the shoes seems great. As always buying when buying online size is a gamble. I went for a 45.5 which is fractionally small… so I am switching them for a sightly larger pair.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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