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    The Pencil Museum in Keswick


    Whereabouts are you staying? Can you drag your kids up hills?


    Hi All.
    Had a good look through the guide books and on line but always find that posting on here is generally better in terms of like minded people sharing past experiences that they would recommend.
    So Going to the lake district in Easter – 15th -21st April with two kids 9 and 10 boys.
    What are the things that is shouldn`t miss out on.


    My 10 year old’s favourite place in Lakes is cathedral quarry – walk through a mountain rather than over it. He hums Indiana Jones music all the way through. All at your own risk mind. Forgive the multiple email cutpaste that follows:

    As discussed, this is brilliant – though good to save as a surprise. Wear walking boots or wellies + take torch if you wanna go through the tunnel
    My pic:

    If you have similarly aged children I cannot recommend this walk highly enough – though be sure to check the map (pdf link) first.

    First link is good for finding start of it, second makes more sense when you get there.


    Blencathra would be a nice easy scenic mountain for young uns. Also wainwright’s catbells walk is great for the whole family, set off Keswick and you have to get the lake steamer across the water so a great adventure for kids. The walk is easy and gives some great views down the lake.

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    Blencathra would be a nice easy scenic mountain for young uns.

    Depends on the route you take. Many would take a serious dislike to Sharp Edge.

    I agree re Catbells though. A nice walk and coupled with the ferry a good day out.


    I’m still puzzling over Not Too miss…


    wassock73 – have you got a rough grid ref where that longer tunnel to exit the quarry comes out?

    Ive been in the cavern and main quarry quite a lot but never gone through the other exit tunnel.

    Blencathra: For an easy scramble, Sharp Edge has an alarming death-toll. Avoid it with children unless they are quite adventurous and obedient, or if you don’t have a good head for heights, or if it’s windy, or if it’s wet. If you want to get your hands on rock, Halls Fell Ridge leads directly to the summit and feels much less exposed. It’s quite a thole for little legs though.


    @meeee that map is aligned the usual north to south and is fairly to scale – the tunnel isn’t really that far at all: several hundred yards maybe.

    grid ref of exit would be something like 314028 – it comes out of the hill facing east (looking at Little Fell) above the track leading south from the ford. HTH

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    Ferry from Keswick to the other side of the lake. Walk up Catbells, or just along the Allerdale Ramble, pick up the ferry in the woods just after you come down off the ridge.

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    When I was l’aal , I used to love this….still do tbh..

    The Bowder Stone

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    Go to Brockhole in between Windermere and Ambleside they have a Goape type thing a huge zip wire, good views, hire a canoe walk the Gardens good café. Entry is the car parking fee extra for the climbing.canoe 🙂

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