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  • Lake District Hire/Route
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    Hi, new user here.

    In a couple of weeks I’m off to Kendal for a week with the family/inlaws and wanted to get a day’s riding in. My plan was to hire a couple of bikes for a day to save taking/storing my bike for a week for the sake of 1 day of use.

    Looking into it, seems that most places only hire entry level bikes and I’d also hoped to use it as a chance to try a full sus (my bike being a hardtail). Does anyone know of anywhere that hires full sus without resorting to demo bikes? Any particularly good experiences?

    Second part of the question is what’s a good ‘typical Lakes’ route that’s not too techy/gnarly? My girlfriend only rides off road occasionally, she’s capable but doesn’t enjoy anything too extreme. I’ve never ridden the lakes so don’t have the knowledge of what’s ride-able at this time of year.

    Sorry for the long post, any help appreciated.

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    Go to Grizedale – its pretty tame but a good intro – also possible bike hire from their bike shop ? google them

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    I’ve hired from Wheelbase in Stavely before, that’s local to you in Kendal.
    Some lovely riding to be had around Kentmere. Not too gnarr, but just good fun. Wheelbase should be able to help you out with routes too.

    Not sure about the sourthen shops, but Keswick MTB have often had full-sus demo bikes IIRC

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    Grizedale Mountain bikes do hire bikes, ask for Lee.
    Parts of Grizedale may be tame……..

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    Thanks everyone.

    I’d seen Grizedale hire but wasn’t sure how much of a flavour of the area we would get there, striking out into the countryside would be my preference. Are there any natural routes from there that we could do?

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    Have a look at Biketreks web site, they do quite a few demo days and it can be a good ride. They also have a few good demo bikes.
    Ditto Wheelbase @ Staveley, call ahead with your requirements rather than turning up on the day. All the Lakes bike shops have route maps of the best routes in the area

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    Are there any natural routes from there that we could do?

    Tons. Most Lakes guidebooks will have a couple of Bridleway routes near Grizedale, some are top notch.

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    There’s two great routes around Grizedale in the VG book – both take you out over Parkamoor which has one of the best views in the Lakes IMO.

    You can also add in bits of the NFT relatively easily, especially the first two singletrack sections. If you fancy a longer day you could add on a Claife Heights route which also has some stunning scenery.

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