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  • ant0463

    It’s got to be said that winter riding really adds an extra element to the experience, which I thought I’d share. My mate and I decided to ride Laggan Wolftrax over the weekend, which is only a couple of hours away for us “northerners”.

    Despite the dire weather on the journey, consisting mainly of rain and sleet – as soon as we entered Strath Mashie it cleared and we could see the wolftrax ascending off into a powdered snow line.

    Laggan Wolftrax: Ascending the snowline by Anthony Round, on Flickr[

    The climb was simply stunning. The crags and mountains looking like they had jumped directly out of Skyrim and we were riding on a trail that appeared “un-touched”.

    Laggan Wolftrax: Leaving our Mark by Anthony Round, on Flickr

    Laggan Wolftrax: Trail Riding? by Anthony Round, on Flickr

    After such a fun climb we were rewarded with an interesting descent, with snow and ice adding to some already challenging features. Needless to say we were enjoying it too much to stop to even stop and take a photo.

    We’ll maybe be looking at some changes to our gear in hindsight but all in all that was one terrific experience I can’t wait to repeat.


    I used to do winter riding… Until I took an arrow to the knee.

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    Good to see it in those conditions.

    You’ve got some cool pics..

    Loving this one-

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    +1 having also done this in pretty deep snow, adds a challenge 🙂

    especially for a southern softy doing it for the first time!


    Id did it a year ago with clear blue skies, -5C and snow capped mountains… was awesome!!


    You’ve got some cool pics..

    Thanks. The Highland landscape certainly has a lot to offer. One of my own personal favourites is this one from the Balblair MTB Trails: –

    Balblair MTB Trails: Autumn Riding by Anthony Round, on Flickr

    Part of me wishes I took the SLR to Laggan, but given the condition we came back in from the trail, I think it was best I left it at home on this occasion.

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