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  • Laggan Blackwood. Is it rideable?
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    Off to Laggan this weekend and was wondering if its worth a look across the road at blackwood. When I was there earlier in the year there was a lot of fallen trees on the trail. Anyone know if these have been cleared?



    I rode it about 2mths ago and there’s a tree down at the top which kinda hides the start….u talking about the brown trail?

    They’re was also one tree further down but the rest was ace!

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    Yeah that sounds like the one. I think we were going the right way, but we came across what must have been half a dozen fallen trees at what looked like the start of the climb from the road.

    You head past the plaque for the fallen down fort,the start is about 200m on the right…..if you get to the steep rocky path to the fort you’ve gone to far
    This is me coming down said path


    Laggan Brown is grand but last time I rode it trees ruined play somewhat. They might have been cleared by now but I haven’t been for a good few months.

    This looks interesting. I love laggan but it’s a bit short and it’d be nice to have something else to add to it. Can anyone give a few more details on how to get there and what it’s like? Any more pictures?

    No sorry….this is the only one ive got,too busy being rad! It’s a follow your nose up a walking path,theyres an old roman fort at the top o the hill, not a bad climb either.if you cycle along the green at Laggan towards the village,and look for a gate on the left,whEn your they’re cross the road and carry straight on up the forestry road…about 1/4 mile turn left and follow the walking path signs…at one point you’ll pass the end of the brown on the right…check out joe Barnes coming down it somewhere online….oh and it ain’t to long…

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    That’s great, cheers davesagoodnameforadog. Look forward to it this weekend

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    Had a great ride there yesterday. Went right up to the fort then turned round and came back down and got on to the trail proper. It’s pretty steep and really slippy and muddy at the moment. Full respect to joe Barnes when you watch the video, it doesn’t do it justice as to how steep and tetchy it is. Great fun, cannot wait to try it again in the dry, might have a bit of a wait though!!

    Good innit? When my legs better ill be back up they’re…very muddy/steep…did ya make it over the big mossy slab?

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