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  • Ladies… what riding specs? (clear, non-perscription)
  • Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Mmm second the ‘arseometre’ here too.

    Mine are by Smith, yellow lenses though. Downside is they make me look like catwoman in the 1950’s, upside is, they fit a small face.
    It’s like everything though, she needs to go out and try loads on.


    It’s like everything though, she needs to go out and try loads on.

    Oh I do understand some things better now 🙁


    G/f was moaing about fly’s getting into her eye at the weekend (1st ride of the year), though she throughly recommends getting your butt measured at a specialized shop, and buying the right ‘sized’ seat.

    So after the works safety glasses were blown out of the water (hey there ok for us blokes), what would you recommend?

    Stylish without major expense would be good.


    I wear oakleys – with the mframes you can get different shaped lenses so there are ones that are fine on a small face. Not cheap though.

    Premier Icon domino

    I have some older Smith glasses also with interchangeable lenses. The new ones have a natty lense system where you twist the leg to change the lenses. The new range seems to have plenty of different styles – Toaster is the one they seem to recommend as a small fit frame. Only problem is you don’t often see them in the UK (mrdomino ordered mine from somewhere in France, I think).

    Has she actually looked at the bolle range of safety glasses? Or Uvex? I think Bolle do womens specific ones and there are loads to chose from


    Another not cheap option, I wear Oakley Half Jackets. Not found anything else that fits. M frames are far too big for me, doesn’t matter which lenses the actually frame won’t stay on my head whilst riding. Before resorting to expensive glasses I bought some cheap ones with interchangeable lenses from the Tchibo stuff at Sainsburys. Same problem, too big and won’t stay on my head.

    After losing my 3rd pair of half jackets 🙁 I looked around for a cheaper option but with no success.

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    I love my Specialized Halftimes. Not sure how expensive they are as they were a gift.

    Used to wear Bloc Stealths until I lost/broke the nose piece off. Can’t find an outlet here in the US. They come with multiple lenses, clear being one of them.




    I’ve got an excellent pair of the Endura ones, can’t remember what they’re called, but they’re cheap as chips and good quality.

    : P

    2nd smith, you may be able to find an “old stock” pair somewhere

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