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  • flowerpower

    My favourite is the Selle Italia Diva – it also happens to be black with pink decals 🙂 . Also use the Selle Italia Lady (less gel) on the road bike.


    Mrs NBT loves the Speicalized Windie XC – having been measured on the Arseometer, she takes a 143mm saddle, your wife may need a different size. The Windie XC has blue highlighting, the more expensive Ariel has pink detailing


    I’m not a lady…..but female friends who have a proper lady shaped bottom always like Terry saddles.

    Premier Icon stratman

    I’m also no lady, but my wife went to a specialized dealer (biketreks in Ambleside) and they measured her sitbones. They then lent us an appropriately sized test saddle, and sold us the current version of it. She didn’t like the production version, so she kept the test one!

    May be worth finding somewhere to do the same


    I’ll tell you what I told the person asking this the other day.

    My gf bought a charge ladle (comes in black & pink I think) now all the girls she rides with also have one…


    Wife is fancying a new saddle for her hardtail, something that looks a bit more streamlined/racy than her current chunky armchair saddle that came with the bike.

    I normally go for selle italia/san marco saddles but wasnt sure if these were any good or if there were decent womens specific versions?

    Any recommendations from the STW ladies?

    Preferably black, and subtle pink bits a bonus (frame has pink decals).

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    Another Selle Italia Diva user here and have one on two MTB’s and road bike – comfy from day one. Have also been happy with WTB saddles previously.

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    Another vote for Charge … I’m on my third one. Black one has blue trim, pink trim is on the white one which is a bit 😯 Maddison ‘breeze’ saddle is also very similar/copy of the charge and worth a look.

    edit: charge also great value – you can pick them up for around £20 at the mo, so nothing too much lost if it doesn’t work out


    Selle Italia Lady for me on the hardtail.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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