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  • Labral Tear – Hip Arthroscopy. Anyone had this op?
  • Morphine is good.

    I’ve had both hips done also had bone removal for FAI, got another one lined up in three to six months.

    Recovery will take about 3 months, cant say much more as I’ve not ridden a bike for 5 years or so because of my hips.

    Email is in profile if you want more info, be warned though its mostly bad news.


    A mate at 49 has had one hip replaced and the other recoated.

    When he was told about the hip replacement he phoned a friend who had also had it done to talk about what to expect, and was invited over.

    On the way over he dropped his motorbike on a new section of motorway that must have been slippery, and broke his right collarbone which required a plate.

    He then had to recover strength in his arm pronto so he could support his weight on the crutches when he had his hips done.

    he said a big problem was wiping his *rse as he couldn’t twist much as he is right handed – so the wife had to be called sometimes 😯

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    when I broke my hip I used a zimmer frame whilst I was washing and shaving – lot more stable than crutches and you can have a hand free for ablutions.

    My son laughed. A lot. My daughter was only 3 months old and just wondered why Daddy couldn’t carry her around the house anymore.

    Top tip: Don’t tuck a cold can of coke into your waist band to allow you to use 2 crutches to get from kitchen to lounge. The can will slip down and give you frost bite on your bits before you can reach safety and remove it.



    Yes – I had this last year (10th Nov 2010). It’s a long road back to normality. Whilst 3 months is guideline to ‘recover’ I would suggest 6-9 months is more realistic return to regular strenuous sports.

    I would say that I am pretty much back to 95pct of pre-injury state so very pleased with results.

    A search of t’internet will no doubt depress you with what you read but good recovery is dependent on many things; extent of injury / repair needed, your age / physical condition, physio & rehabilitation. It is vital that you start recovery from day 1 (or some suggest pre-op physio / exercises to prepare!)

    Can mail you some useful links / physio stuff if needed.

    Where are you having the op (ie what hospital rather than what hip :roll:)


    @Vern0n. Thanks for the positive reply, it’s good to read something encouraging. Pre-op and post op physio will be my focus. I feel the real challenge will be the need for patience and taking a slow approach.

    Did you have any arthritis on the femoral head?

    I’m going private, with a surgeon who is considered to be very good. I think a lot depends on what he sees once he’s in there.

    Thank you all for the replies.

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    Christ I read that as a Labial Tear, which would be a whole different kind of pain. 😯


    As per the title. Labral Tear – Hip Arthroscopy. Anyone had this op?

    My op is 8 weeks away. Working with a physio on prehab and then the post op rehab.

    I understand this could be long slow recovery. Any advice and tips on how to get through this are greatly appreciated.


    chips –
    Private here too (covered by work healthcare!)
    no idea of how much benefit this was over nhs (tho i presume it would not have been deemed essential on nhs!) but in and out same day, no painkillers after op and recovery timeframe as expected.

    Some arthritis was expected from the scan but nothing significant found during the op. you are correct, scans can only give a guideline of the problem, but can only know full extent once they open you up.

    lots of physio which was hard work and you need to be disciplined to keep it going.

    Central compartment
    Labrum: Anterior to anterosuperior peripheral labral tear at chondrolabral junction
    Ligamentum teres: Intact
    Femoral articular surface: Normal
    Acetabular articular surface: Early delamination adjacent to labral tear
    Cotyloid fossa: Normal
    Transverse ligament: Intact

    Peripheral compartment
    Impingement lesion (cam variety)
    Iliopsoas tendon directly visible

    The following procedures were undertaken:
    • Partial acetabular labrectomy
    • Chondroplasty
    • Sealing of chondrolabral junction
    • Excision of impingement lesion

    Can mail u some other info if you are interested


    Cheers Vern0n. How do we email? I’m not keen on posting my email address on the forum.


    chips – my emails in my profile (click on it)

    Ach you’ll be up and walking the day after if not the same day, stairs the next day, home the day after. Cannae be that bad can it? You’ll probably be kept awake during the op too.

    hip arthroscopies are a tad different from knee ones, Cant remember how long after it was that I went to see the surgeon but the bloke who had the hip replacement the same day walked in, I was still on crutches


    Thanks Vern0n , email sent.

    anagallis_arvensis. I’m sorry to hear your hip journey has been long and tough.

    Dont mean to put a downer on things… Past GF had the same op to get her back on the bike after damage from a training ride spill. Didnt work for her, never rode or ran again.. 😥

    BUT!! sure you’ll be fine! Just get all the info, experienced opinion you can.


    @captaincarbon Is she active in any way other than cycling & running? Does she know why the op didn’t work it for her?

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    Christ I read that as a Labial Tear, which would be a whole different kind of pain


    I thought this thread was going to be about the side effects of childbirth.


    hey chips – ygm

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