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  • Kurt Cobain – What were you doing 19 years ago today?
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    Why did you hear vividly?
    …and is that a common occurence?

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    Working in john Menzies. I was up a ladder stocking shelves when someone told me. Nearly fell off and had a tear in my eye. At age 16 he was my hero

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    I was in the pub, remember my mate walking in wearing a t-shirt with that famous picture of Cobain sucking on a rifle and the words ” nice shooting son” printed above it!
    must have been no more than 4 hours since he’s shot himself.

    Didn’t bother me much, never got into that whole Seattle sound thing, that t-shirt did upset a few folk though!


    No idea. Thought they were overrated, although they knocked out some purdy little tunes. More of a Pixies man for that style of music (although was raised on jazz, soul and hipity-hop) and considered nirvana to be a poor imitation. A bit like take that and blue 😛

    I’ll bet a good quantity of money that those with the biggest put downs were listening to chart bollocks

    please send your cheque to…


    my classmate at uni told me

    didn’t believe him 🙁

    remember when it started to come through on the news but as I had moved on to blur and early Britpop music wise couldn’t have given a sh*t and now looking back I was right then and still right now let face it the real talent in that band is still alive and has moved on to make bigger and better music not my cup of tea but still better than the 2nd rate punk/new wave that nirvana ever where

    p.s sonic youth,mudhoney and pearl jam were far better bands just in case you thought it was anti spectic tank rant


    19 years ago- listening to electro pop and probably sleeping/ ww kayaking/ climbing/ mtbing.

    Today- listening to more electro pop whilst hacking off plaster, preparing to dry-line the house. Happy days.

    Ambrose, 🙂


    I was just splitting up with my wife and listening to nevermind a lot, never really thought their other albums hit the same heights.


    Kurt Cobain’s dead?
    Sorry, it was sad for his family, but there were other, better bands doing similar stuff then. I have one Nirvana record, a CD single of ‘…Teen Spirit’ that I bought in the Virgin Megastore at the Beverley Center, LA, and I have no interest in buying anything else.
    I prefer Mudhoney, Pavement, Screaming Trees, Hole, et al.


    There always seems to be a pretence in the mainstream media that they had any clue who he was. Now they bang on (correctly) about how massively influential Nirvana where, but most hadn’t noticed it at the time.

    I think you’re mistaken, they were pretty famous at that point.


    I was 14 and on holiday with my parents and younger sisters in Florida- they had no idea who he was


    Yep Sheffield… Was more upset when motorhead cancelled a gig at city hall cos lemmy was ill! No way!, good times and saw some ace bands, I was more of an indie kid myself so nirvana were not essential listening. Fahrenheit was a required evening out to pull although my hit rate was poor, I was generally more successful at the leadmill for some reason!!!! 😉

    Im riding a jeep wrangler smoking p** in the pacific listening alice in chains 😉

    Somewhere in the Belize jungle, found out when igot back to the Barracks a week or so later. I was gutted because i kept putting off/missing seeing them live.


    No idea, but I remember where I was when I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit, 0600 on a Sunday in the studio at Radio Active in Wellington, my flatmate was doing her first ever radio show so we stayed up all night to go with her (don’t think we were very helpful) she played it as her opener. That nice feeling when the sun comes up after you have been up partying all night and a great song comes on.

    They were booked to tour the NZ Universities that year, had been booked before they got big, and to their credit they honored it, in bigger venues. Best $5 I ever spent ! Awesome live concert.

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