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  • KS2 maths question – Any maths teachers in?
  • Premier Icon dawson

    My 11yr old daughter is practicing for upcoming SATS.

    Maths was never my strong point…

    The question causing bother;

    “In a class, 18 of the children are girls. A quarter of the children in the class are boys.

    Altogether, how many children are in the class?”

    What say you STW?

    (I have the marking scheme)

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    If one quarter are boys
    Then three quarters are girls
    One quarter is therefore six
    Four quarters (ie the whole) is 24

    Or 18 x 4 / 3

    Premier Icon i_like_food

    Assuming there are no trans-gender children in the class, if 18 are girls this represents 3/4 of the class (since the other 1/4 are boys).

    18 divided by 3 is 6. So 1/4 of the class represents 6 kids.

    So 6*4 gives 4 quarters or the whole. The class is 24 kids.

    24 isn’t it? a quarter of the class are boys so 3/4 are the 18 girls so a quarter is 6.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Garage-dweller +1


    Using an equation (not sure if she does those):

    3x/4 = 18

    3x = 18 * 4

    x = (18 * 4) / 3

    Premier Icon dawson

    @mosey – thats what I thought too 😆

    @gd – yep, answer given is 24, though whether my daughter could have worked it out like that is a different matter!

    Premier Icon dawson

    thanks all!

    I’m glad we settled that, but more importantly what sort of classroom has 18 girls and only 6 boys? Some real gender diversity issues going on there. And it couldn’t be an inner city government school, could it? Never seen one with less than 30 kids in it. Bloody outrage!

    Premier Icon totalshell

    my dd class at primary school has had as few as six girls due to the arrival of twins there are now eight of them.. 24 boys though tends to unbalance things usually 3 adults required to ‘manage’ the class plus one lad is especially disruptive so has a permanent social worker with him..

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