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  • KS LEV, Rotational Slop?
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    I’ve a KS LEV Si (the no frills basic one*) which has gone sloppy rotationally (not sloppy fore/aft or sideways)
    I swapped the PTFE and short brass guide bushings from stif** trying to follow KS’s service video (though for a higher end LEV) and struggled to fit the replacements, after persuasion*** they went in but it only lasted a ride or two before the same slop was back

    *the top bush is housed in the top cap and theres no anti-rotation sleeve thing like i900,i950’s of old so it can’t be that thats worn

    Could I have used the wrong parts? **the stif site doesn’t list the LEV Si on the parts pages:
    KS Spare Part Lower Guide Bushing PTFE
    KS Spare Part Lower Guide Bushing Copper

    ***its out of warranty

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