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  • thebrowndog

    Yep. Had mine for about 18 months. I bought it so I could swap it between bikes quickly (full susser, fatty and rowdy hard tail). Its been faultless and works like new despite being ignored service wise. I just wipe it clean and give it squirt of silicon every now and then.

    Wont pretend its as easy as a bar mounted remote, and as a result you dont use it as often as those, but I only hit one tree while I was getting used to it. I think you learn to look for further up/down the trail and pick your opportunity for when you grab the lever.

    So highly recommended as far as Im concerned, but if I had the money it would be remote droppers on all three bikes.


    Cheers that’s a great honest review. Thanks 🙂

    Premier Icon andy4d

    Watching thread with interest

    Yup. I’ve had one on my “big” bike since ‘Ard Rock 2014. Got mine from JensonUSA and it somehow arrived with the bar mount remote cable lever gubbins too. I’m ashamed to say I cocked up the installation (mainly due to not reading the instructions) but LBS sorted it – apparently it needed a beefier grub screw to secure the cable to the uppy-downy lever bit on the seatpost itself.

    As above its been faultless. Not needed to service it yet, just a quick wipe and bit of lube every now and again and it’s good to go.


    I’ve been thinking about getting a dropper post but my frame doesn’t have stealth cable routing. To keep things simple I was thinking of a KS dropzone post that’s lever activated just under the seat with no cables.

    Anyone run one of these and have experience of them? They’re pretty reasonable at about £130

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I’ve had one for a couple of years, bar mounted remote

    It’s been great, BUT mud and grit comes off the back wheel, under the saddle and clogs up the Actuator arm at the top of the post.

    You need to make a cover for it out of old inner tube if you ride in wet n mud


    Mine is “okay”

    Sometimes doesn’t want to come back up without a little pull after say, a black section but I’m possibly running the pressure slightly too low.

    X fusion do a cheap one and CRC have a sale on reverb’s at the moment

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    i had one for a while on a test bike – I liked it. I quickly got used to the lever to dropit and it was pretty robust.


    If your budget stretches and it’s not a 27.2mm seatpost then get a reverb. Or a nearly new one on eBay will fall under your budget.


    I’ve got one, it’s okay if you know when to drop and raise your saddle. I wouldn’t let lack of stealth cable routing be the decider for you though, a ks lev with the fixed cable point is fine routed externally (as were the rest before stealth routing became ‘the norm’).

    Premier Icon pembo6

    I’ve got a KS eten. Not sure how this compares to the drop zone?? But I’ve had the same problem with mud/grit getting in and stopping it from functioning properly. Fortunately it’s easily fixed (even on the trail…..the beauty of cable actuated droppers).
    I made a plastic cover to stop mud getting on the lever under the saddle. I also removed the lever, and increased the tension on the Spring. The allows the lever to return with more force, so it doesn’t matter if mud/grit gets in there. The lever will still lock the post into position.
    Also, as others have mentioned, don’t worry about lack of stealth routing. Definitely get a remote if you can. You will use it way more.

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