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  • KRSEC/KPSEC chinese forks anyone?
  • lovewookie

    In my continuing search for straight steerer 29er forks, I stumbled across these:
    chinese manitou a likes!

    first thought was, what a pile of poo.

    however, looking at them, and they do a more regular brace version too. The crown looks basic suntour, they have manitou internals (ISO air and Absolute+ damper)which are pretty decent IME.
    Could they actually be OK? weight wise their on par with the Manitou Tower’s.

    only possible problem is warranty of course and the assumption that bushes and seals are relatively standard affairs.

    they’re not high end fox or RS, but for the price, could they be another xfusion?

    Premier Icon benpinnick

    could they be another xfusion?

    I doubt it. X-Fusion stuff is designed by ex rockshox/fox people and manufactured in a decent Taiwanese factory. These look like a horrendous rip off of half a dozen different forks smashed into one monstrous being. Unlikely you’d see a real fork company selling them as they cross a few patents by the look of it, meaning they couldn’t be sold in pretty much anywhere but china anyway.


    fair enough,
    I took a look at some of the other fork-a-likes, the one that made me giggle the most was a set with gold/orange anodised stanctions, and a sticker in familiar font that reads ‘fork shox’

    quite special.

    I’ve not seen ones with what could be considered proper internals though, which is why these stuck out. that is, if they’ve not just put on abolute and iso air to match the originals? Don’t think so though as they have regulat forks with the same internals.

    quite a lot of cash for a punt though.

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