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  • I gather that Kevin Pietersen may have stood down as captain this morning. 😯

    In an Ashes year? OK, so the Aussies (bar one scraped win) are falling to pieces, but we really don’t need to copy them!


    It’s bl**dy ridiculous. KP is one of our best players and a good captain too. The ECB should back him not sack him.


    They’re not as good as they used to be. A bit like wagon wheels. 😉


    I agree – it’s not as if his reputation for being outspoken is a new development. The ECB knew what he was like before they appointed him, and therefore should have expected something like this at some point. Instead we’ll now give them yet another reason why more mediocre yet long serving players (Strauss and Colly) won’t be dropped from either code, as surely they’ll have to give it Strauss as noone else has the long term experience (save Freddy, who’s already been sacked as vice-cap once). Bloody farse!

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    (nice title CFH)

    from a posisiton of ignorance/google then:

    what does an international cricket coach do ?
    can england get by without one ?
    if we need one, which top class coach will take on the job if their career depends on the whim of an apparently outspoken & volatile captain ?
    is it possible that the squad isn’t in agreement with KP opver this issue ?

    is KP actually a good captain ?
    if “dropped” will KP refuse to play for england ? (ie what’s the risk to ecb)
    is there really no other talented player in the set-up who’s pretty much guaranteed a place on merit for the mid-term ? (if not, that’s thre farcical bit)


    Oh, right, cricket…

    (wanders off again)

    Bring The Ashes on, whoever captains England it’ll be interesting.

    For a moment I feared this thread might have been about the demise of the delicious prawn cocktail snack.

    Curse CFH and his “witty” thread titles. A pox on your house sir!

    Thanks, I thought it was a rather clever title! 😉


    According to various reports KP gave the ECB an “it’s him or me” style ultimatum over Moore which backfired on him, other commentators are claiming that KP did not have the full backing of the squad with Freddie being the most vocal dissenter.

    KP is a c**k. He may be a good player (yet to be great), but he has always thought he was “bigger” than the game. His arrogance and selfishness has backfired on him. Cricket is a team game, which means that the team should come first. He has placed his own importance or opinion ahead of the team.

    Isn’t he a foreigner anyway?.

    Saying that, Capello isn’t a very English name either!.

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