Kona road bike sizing

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  • Kona road bike sizing
  • Wondering if a 56 or 58cm honky Inc would be best for someone 5′ 11″?

    What size do you ride?

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    I’m 6’1 and used to have a 58 cm Paddy Wagon. Wouldn’t have wanted any bigger. I’d say a 56 tbh.

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    It’s probably completely changed now but I have a 53cm Zing Deluxe from 2007 and I am 5’11. It’s only just big enough though, I should have had 56.


    6ft 1 here, ride a 56cm jake the snake.


    5’11” and ride a 58cm Honky Tonk. Fits like a glove – but then i do like my mountain bikes to be a little longer than most…


    I’m 5’10” and bought a 56cm Honky Inc frame in the recent CRC sale. I haven’t built it up as yet but held against my current 22 inch road bike it looks about right. However, I read in a Cycling Plus review of the Honky Tonk (same frame sans disc mounts, different fork) that toe overlap on the front wheel might be a problem for those with bigger feet so that might be worth considering in your choice of frame size. I’m size 11 and I like the look of the frame so it better not be a fookin’ problem 😕

    I’ll post a piccie or two when I get around to building it up. I just need a set of 31.8 bars and a J-Tek thingy so I can run Campag on a Shimano cassette.

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    5’11” here and 56cm Honky Inc fits me fine (inc. with fairly short stock stem).

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    5’10” on a 54 Jake the Snake here

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