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  • Kona Process 153 DL 29 Review: Mellow Yellow
  • justinbieber
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    The latest Kona Process 153 rolls on 29in wheels and sits in the middle of the Process range; Process X on one side, Process 134 on the other.

    By justinbieber

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    Kona Process 153 DL 29 Review: Mellow Yellow

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    Good review James.

    I owned a couple of the classic Processes as well and have fond memories of them, but Kona’s current price/spec formula is a bit of a head scratcher.

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    Agree, it’s a good review – love that colour too!!

    Spec choices can be a bit odd with Kona, but the build quality (and the paint finish!) and geo has always been pretty spot on for me. I sometimes think for the smaller big brands (if that makes sense!) like Kona they probably don’t have the buying clout or produce the volumes that the D2C or the big brands like Specialized have. I wonder with a new owner, some investment and production efficiencies whether the spec choices will improve in the next year….

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    The lower spec one is over a grand cheaper and has a full deore groupset
    Youd be better off with that and a damper upgrade in the fork (its not as yellow tho)

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    My RS Yari is exactly the same feel – get plush for the small and medium hits and it dives through all it’s travel. Get it right on medium and bigger hits, and to sit up in it’s travel more and it just isn’t plush…grrr.

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    so in non- polished journalistic words, its an over priced, over weight, glorified trial bike with a shit spec, but its a nice colour and the pez wheels have not exploded in 3 months of trail centres? (maybe because the tyres were at 40psi) 😀

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    Bit disappointing…

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