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    Question out of the random box..

    I’m re-building my old 91 or 92 cinder cone for my gf. Anyone know where I can get a colour reference for the paint? It’s the greeny gold plain colour year. Can’t afford a respray but it needs a little bit of touching up!


    Try a post on Retrobike.
    Sure it’s that old. My 96 cone was a strange semi-matt greenish gold called, if I remember correctly, Gange Green. Found a very approximate match in the Halfords touch-up pen rack.
    God, I wish I’d never sold that bike on.

    This hasn’t really been much help, has it?


    91 Cinder Cone was splatter finish and the 92 one was bright red. 93 was silver fading to dark green and 94 was a lovely golden bronze iirc. Sorry (takes off anorak) that wasn’t much help either was it, but as skinny says 96 was gange green tho’ there were the occasional end of year variations (I had a lovely late ’96 in matte cherry red). Reckon Halfords is your best bet, but you can find downloads of the old catalogues here.


    Sorry (takes off anorak) that wasn’t much help either was it

    was to me, i thought mine was a 94 but you just dated it at 92.

    Premier Icon sheeps


    Pretty sure it’s a 92 ( as that’s when I bought it!)
    Off to halfords in the morning…. That really hadn’t occurred to me!
    Must get more sleep 🙂


    Well, there you go – 1991 – you were spot on . . . and I am now even more qualified to wear the anorak 😉

    Link to catalogue page here and according to this page the colour is called Cinder Gold.


    i know things change and move on and get ‘better’ but those bikes just look right to me…i love old Konas…must get me (now I know for sure!) 93 CinderCone sorted this year.


    Good find that retro catalogue Mamadirt! That was my Cindercone – bought from On-your bike in Nottingham after (I kid you not) a test ride in their basement!!

    Cracking bike but Suntour XC Ltd brakes were appalling – didn’t realise how bad until I got rid of the bike and got some Shimano Cantis which worked.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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