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    What are good options to manage a knowledge database with 700 odd articles with 50 users.

    Currently hosted on a old SharePoint purely as a document library with a few sub folders. Current format is 20-70 page long word documents

    Use case; detailing validation , process and data entry instructions for SAP HR

    Current options so far:

    1. Servicenow knowledge module (large enterprise)
    2. SharePoint with a wiki.

    What are office 365 options or applications to manage version control / global reapplication of knowledge modules (instead or rewriting everything in each article for steps that are identical ).

    What should I know? Oh and I have to build it by May.

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Does SAP not have its own built-in slightly Teutonic wiki?

    You need a SharePoint developer, a plan and more time. Otherwise whatever you build will fail to do what you need.

    You could also look at confluence (documentation/wiki) and possibly jira (defect/project management) as you’ll probably get further, faster with them, without experience or considerable investment.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    Confluence allows you to import word docs into your wiki.

    Looks better if you have nice headings and stuff for the importer to work with.

    You would be able to get the bulk of it in there in no time. Then it’s just a case of adding tags to articles so searching is better, or adding a bit of folder structure. You can create template pages for menus and there’s loads of macros available.

    Premier Icon jrawarren

    Worth considering the userbase – are they going to be just consumers of content, or will they be contributing/editing? Servicenow is probably better for the former (it’s more of a training library than a wiki really), and I would only consider it if you are likley to adopt more of the other modules in the future (or use some currently). Seeing as the content is already on Sharepoint, and presumably you are happy with dealing that, then I’d lean towards a Sharepoint wiki personally. Don’t underestimate the time needed to tag/classify to make search useful tho!

    Premier Icon richmars

    Any requirement for ISO 9001 document control? That may make a difference.

    Premier Icon andybrad

    sharepoint wiki

    although im following this as have the same requirement but have just dropped it into a sharepoint site

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    Re-read the brief: (instead or rewriting everything in each article for steps that are identical ).

    You can use an include macro in confluence to bring page content from another page into your main flow page. We use it for how tos and cross reference (e.g. this function uses x config setting).

    I expect sharepoint has similar function but don’t know for sure.

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