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  • Know 'owt about Banshee Prime's?
  • faceplanter

    Cannot stop looking at their info, reviews and videos on the Banshee website, but do you own one or know anyone who owns one?
    I’ll say there are lighter and easier to pedal uphill bikes out there but I am not overly bothered about that.
    I wouldn’t mind swinging my leg over one either if you know of a shop that has one built up or a demo bike.

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    I know two people who have them and love them. NEver tried one myself. Geo is sorted and reviews well, but you know that..Strong, stiff, nice and low, not massively slack. Built with lightish but strong stuff I’d say a good all rounder with more of a nod to smashing it on the descents.


    Not got any personal experiences, but the new Banshees seem to be great bikes.

    I’ve got a Rune V2 and love it; the KS suspension system works really well. Mine pedals pretty well, but is still smooth and deals with big hits well. For a longish travel bike that weighs 33lbs it climbs really well but is a bomber of a bike when you point it down hill.

    The build quality of mine seems really good and I like the fact that it’s a bit different.


    At last I’ve been waiting for someone to post a thread up here so I can say yeah I’ve got one and its brilliant 😀 bought mine from Stif cycles near Harrogate after a demo day they had. They’ve been excellent to deal with too. I think they were talking of another demo day over the summer would be worth a trip if you’re nearish……

    Mine climbs well which is actually my favourite type of riding and I’m running it 1 x 10. It is biased towards descending tho and it has given me a lot of confidence in this respect. I’m still getting used to it and how it handles but so far its great.

    I’ll try and post a pic now

    Barry the banshee

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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