Knocked a wall down with my car, is it the wall's fault?

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  • Knocked a wall down with my car, is it the wall's fault?
  • trail_rat

    Troll surely .

    If your car had got damaged id expect an even bigger bill than that to rebuild a small brick circle 4 bricks high !


    just pile them back up and pretend nothing happened.




    I’d expect the wall to withstand a minor nudge but since it was probably fairly ornamental in nature it wasn’t designed to withstand an oaf in a car hitting it. Re-assemble the wall, if anyone questions it you’ll just have to pay up the £50 it’ll cost to rebuild it.

    I know someone who once nudged a 6inch diameter tree and flattened it without a mark on the car. It was a classic rangerover with steel beams as the bumpers 😀


    You can’t control your car, you’re a bad person, next time it could be a baby robins face!

    don simon

    Try and get hold of silver1999, she was off to talk to a hot lawyer for this no responsibility type claim.
    I think the question of circular construction does depend on the size, the larger the circle you’ll find it’s possible to use standard brick, but if it’s a small circle you’ll need round bricks.
    Also check where the cement has come from, I’ve heard that you need to use locally sourced cement that is conditioned for local conditions. Out of area cement might not be suitable and foreign cement shouldn’t have been used. The main reason for that is the metric system they use.
    I’d have the car checked for any unseen damage. It can be very easy to knock the car out of shape even with the slightest knock, that happened to a bloke down the pub, but his mate was a solicitor so it all got sorted.
    Good luck.

    Who supplied your car brake pads?


    I nudge a wall with my tractor once, but it was my fault 😉

    😆 @ don simon. Soooooo many variables! 😀

    The bricks were probably made of asbestos. Sue the brickie.

    Anna B

    We’ve had new walled borders (4 bricks high) in the back yard, shared access/garages. There are (were) also two small round borders (2-3ft wide). All completed about two weeks ago, and last night when reversing, I nudged one. Such a nudge that there is not even a scratch on my car, but the thing has collapsed.

    I’m sure a brick/cement construction shouldn’t crumble like that, is there a case that it wasn’t made properly? Is there an optimum size for a bricked circle, any smaller and it’s weak?

    Rented property, expecting a bill for it, but I suspect shoddy workmanship and wondered what anyone else thought…. (about the brickie’s ability, rather than my driving)



    Sue the wall for emotional trauma.

    ron jeremy

    I’m surprised no one has suggested you get yourself checked out and then sort out a claim for whiplash!….


    I think you should blame the bloke downstairs 🙂

    Actually, your landlord would probably pay you to rebuild it…

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