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  • Knee/Shin Armour recommendations please
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    I will be riding somewhere hot, steep and rocky and want protection when I inevitably fall off. Right now I am eyeing up some Fox Launch Pro pads as they look substantial enough to do the protecting and although they look like I will sweat like a pig in them I will only stick them on for downhill bits. Anyone with experience of these or other pads able to give me advice/feedback please? I definitely want my shins covered.


    My G Form pads are pretty much destroyed after 18 months and I wouldn’t get the FOX Enduro Pads they slip off easy in a slide type crash.

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    Both G-Form and Fox Enduro look far too thin to allay my fear of pain anyway.


    I use some Dainese knee shins and find they offer a good balance of protection and pedalling ability. They’re well made too.

    I had been using 661 kyle strait pads for years but I was finding them a bit bulky. They would give decent protection for the rocky stuff but perhaps a bit bulky. recently switched to some troy lee KGS pads and find them really comfy. Less padding and bulk the 661’s but feel like they would protect from the knocks and gravel rash at least.

    If you look at them double check the sizing as most people end up using a size smaller than they expect.


    Troy Lee shock doctors

    I tried loads of pads and the Launch Pro fitted me best. I’ve been wearing them for all my riding for the last 18 months, 4+ hour pedalathons and all.

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    I’m a right ‘Princess & the pea’ when it comes to body knee pads, so have ended up trying loads. I’ve tried/still got 661 d3o’s, Fox Launch Pro’s, Dainese 3X (I think they’re called), Race Face Ambush, oh…and some old Kyle Straights.

    Personally, I find the 661’s, Fox and Race Face a bit too warm for decent hot weather (mid 20’s upward). Although they have full hard shell knee and shin coverage, I’ve found the Dainese to be by far the best in full on heat because, apart from three narrow Velcro straps, the backs are open. The hard shells on the front have perforations and they have a kind of lightweight honeycomb pad between the leg and hardshell. I’ve worn them for ‘normal’ trail rides in the Peak and they’re fine for pedalling in too – but they’re also quick enough to whip on & off, as you don’t need to remove your shoes.

    Not sure if the Dainese 3X are available any more, but if you can’t find any and are interested, I am going to be selling my set of leg/elbow pads, as injuries have put an end to ‘proper’ DH/Enduro type riding for me 🙁

    p.s. also going to be selling my Fox pads (half what CRC etc are doing ’em for)

    p.p.s. I’d def stick with your plan to go for shin coverage – I’ve had a couple of flying rock meets shin bone impacts at speed on fast Alpine descents, and it ain’t so good when there’s big drops and stuff!


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