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  • z1ppy

    ok, m8 has had issues with his one knee for ages, been to a number of sport physio’s with limit success. Yes they relief his symptoms but none of them have given him a long term solution that helps. As about 2/3 of the way round any ride his knee “goes” and he’s in extreme pain the rest of the ride… so much so he was talking about giving up cycling due to it.
    Added to that he has like I say been to several physios and paid out for that joy, and now is very skeptical about spending more money.

    So who can point him towards for professional help who understand his problem exists when cycling (midland based?).

    He is also going to see his doctor but doesn’t hold much hope for help from them….

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    not trying to be facetious but why not just do rides that are 2/3rds the length of the ones they do now?


    there not exactly long, as it is… we want to be able to complete decent rides, not something “kiddy” length


    The doctor should refer him to a specialist, with luck he will find on interested enough to help him, the pain, could be a million differnt things causing it…


    Martin Earley, based in Hilderstone, mid Staffsish.

    Ex Road riding Pro, now a Chiroparctor / sports therapist. Fixed my knee in 2 trips, it was my hips misaligned.

    PM me for phone number- alexDOTluffmanATgmailDOTcom


    Funny thing with physios – just going along doesnt fix the problem, its doing the excercises and stretches afterwards that does!

    More helpfully – I found getting my bike fitted properly has helped a lot with my knees – not sure if there is a cycle fit type place up your way? they put you on an adjustable bike, video you and make sure your pedal alignment etc is correct, put shims in your shoes and pedals etc like correcting pronation with the right running shoes.


    I agree with Jacksta, visited CycleFit last May and not had a problem since

    The NHS were pretty clueless in my case
    one leg short than the other due to a fractured pelvis 22 years ago when i came off m’ Vespa.

    recommed this book also for kneee problems…allot cheaper than a visit to Cyclefit!!

    2nd Martin Earley, Excellent. He see’s a lot of the UK elite racers during the year and comes highly recommended, he actually cares about cyclists and injuries as he is one himself.

    Every year almost to the day I have knee issues, fine riding for a while then criples me. thought it was tendonitis for a start but after seeing Martin he diagnosed a mis-aligned hip also. 1 visit was all it took for me to be back to full power. I now see him once a year for a sort out even if I’m not in pain.


    if hes using clipless pedals put flats on and see if that helps


    As Dobo says, is he using SPD’s at the moment, if he is it could be his cleats need re-aligned by as little as a few mills. It sorted my knee out after buying new shoes


    Sorry been offline.. cheers for the comments, I’ll email scruff in a mo for Martin’s details.

    and no he’s not in SPD’s, I had him out of them over a year ago when he first starting saying it was a major issue – and he’s pished off about that! (he liked them)

    No i understand the physio’s can’t ‘fix’ the problem, but the exercises have not helped get rid of the problem…. surely this is the point of them?

    If it goes fairly suddenly with a click or a pop and sharp pain, it would sound like cartilage, make sure he lists all the physio’s and what they/he has done so that the Dr’s easy option of sending to a physio sounds stupid, and tell him to directly say he thinks he needs an MRI scan…

    scruff, I will be emailing you for Martin Earleys contact details too. Not ridden a bike for over a year and there’s a chance I might be able to give it a try again in a few months, figure he could help.


    no problem.

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    Another name for knees is Dr Jonathan Webb in Bristol, he is only private but superb. Sorted ACL in my left knee and ITB in the other !

    Second a bike fitting – I used cyclefit as well and although they are expensive they are a superb outfit, incredibly thorough and I have had far less probs since.

    IMHO he is unlikely to find a complete cure, he will always have probs, but he will find a way to keep them under control.

    If he cant travel to any of the above suggestions and he wants a physio, tell him to contact his local professional sports club (football, rugby, etc) and they will either have sports physios who do freelance or they will know some

    Best of luck

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