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  • Knee Pain with Pads?
  • badllama

    Cheers for reply chiefgrooveguru what did you end up with? The problem I’ve got is with 661 evo’s 🙁

    I’m still pad-less – I have worn mine literally three times since I got them, which is about 1% of my riding!

    My pad issue is further exacerbated as my calves are a small and my thighs a large-XL. So I need a pad with loads of adjustment above and below the knee, where the pad stays clear of the kneecap and the pad length is as short as possible to minimise my leg dimension problems. Moon on a stick?


    Ok rode the Borrowdale Bash last week got to the climb from Seatoller and had a massive pain in my left leg (knee cap) and it felt locked out completely! Rode / limped my way down Castle Crag (not fun at all with a sore knee BTW 🙁 ) at this point then sat by river wondering how to go on next.

    Anyway decided to take the pads off and instant relief? Had a few twinges since but nothing like the pain I had orginally?

    Any ideas? Could it be pads in some way shape of form causing it?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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