Knee pads that don't touch your kneecaps (until you crash)?

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  • Knee pads that don't touch your kneecaps (until you crash)?
  • rocketman

    Fox Launch Pro

    The hardshell is held away from the knee in a neoprene sleeve. Velcro straps top and bottom

    My 661 evos hardly touch the knee.

    So, as it seems that my so-called ‘no crashing policy’ is actually one of hardly ever falling off and then having a massive and potentially life changing incident every few years, I now think I should fall off more frequently, but with more style and less danger!

    The problem is that 2010’s broken ankle has left me with a patella which becomes misaligned if there’s any external lateral force on it, so I can’t wear my knee pads without ending up in agony within about an hour, with the pain then persisting for weeks until the kneecap goes back to where it should be.

    Are there any knee pads out there which just grip above and below the knee and leave fresh air in front of the kneecap until a collision occurs?

    Give the Bluegrass Bobcat D30 a try if you can. Mine sit well off my knees.

    Anyone else? Judging by what I see out there almost everyone is wearing them at some point!


    Nothing from Dainese. They stick to your knees until you crash then magically move out of the way.

    661 Kyle Strait (or whatever they are now called?)

    I also have 661 d30 and hardly wear them because they rub my knee caps, whereas the Kyle Straits are comfy enough for 5 hour trail rides


    I have bad knees and found my launch pro’s were making them, not worse, but tired. Went back to my raceface downhill shin/knee guards. Find I have no more problems. Knee is free to move about as the straps hold lower down and top can be loose as you like. They look a bit over kill but you can get knee and top shin guards with the same freedom of movement. Might not be for you but I wouldnt discount. I find them not as sweaty as well. Also I’d point out I love climbing as much as decending. I find I can whip them on and off in 30 secs. I just strap them on my pack on the ups. By the time I wait for the others to catch up I have my pads on ready for the downs

    That’s an interesting idea – these are my offending articles:


    I like! Apart from the Lycra knee holder as that’s what I was getting away from. But maybe a winter option for me. Knees are strange any way. I wear a knee support for rugby otherwise can’t walk for a few days and if I wear it on the bike I can’t walk for days! Go figure.


    You could look at some G-forms. Wear mine pretty much all day when I’m riding but barely notice them and they have provided plenty of protection when I have an off.

    Sizing nightmares! Measuring 4″ above and below the knee as on the Fox sizing – 13″ below, 18″ above, which makes me a small by calf measurement but a large by thigh.

    Or for 661, 14″ calf and 23″ thigh which makes me a S/M by calf and an XL by thigh.

    Premier Icon supercarp

    Who makes those pads with the Velcro knee seen above?

    They’re TLD Brian Lopes signature. Mine have been worn a grand total of three times (and short rides at that, two hours round Whites Level on my own on a November Monday morning and a couple of rides in the snow) over the last two years and never crashed on and they need a new home! They’re good if you don’t have a weird patella.


    Nothing from Dainese. They stick to your knees until you crash then magically move out of the way.

    Stops ’em gettin’ scratched! 😆


    I like IXS slope pads, they barely touch my knee cap and I don’t find them too hot to wear during the summer.

    Knee pad update: Yesterday six different pairs of pads arrived from CRC. Raceface Khyber (which turned out to be women’s fit and were thus far too small); Bluegrass Bobcat; IXS Flow; Fox Launch Pro; Rockgardn Neo; IXS Slope.

    Rockgardn not at all comfortable – wanted to be straight whilst my legs are always bent when riding; IXS Slope better but still stiff; Bobcat better; Flow smaller and lighter and more pedalling friendly.

    Launch Pro seem to be brilliant! Hard shell well away from the patella. Enough adjustability to suit my skinny calves and big thighs and none of that vicious sticky rubber at the top and bottom edges which rips my leg hairs out. And most importantly they like to be flexed, they don’t like to be straight. Based on about 8 hours of wearing at home they feel like they’ll be good to pedal in (and I noticed a few of the guys on the podium seats in Andorra wearing them so they must have good protection, right?)

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