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  • knee pads: Kyle Straits vs. IXS Hack vs. Fox Launch
  • rocketman

    Big cut-outs in the back of the Launch Pros and they are all-day comfortable. They are quite tight from new (don’t even think about the S/M size if you are a bloke) but there’s good adjustment and they do become slack after a while (months of riding 2/3 times/week).

    Have ‘tested’ them many times they are most excellent.

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    Fox Launch Pro +1


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    I’m liking my new POC Joints they’ve changed the design a bit since my last pair and these are an improvement.


    My Endura MT500 pads were great on a 6 hour ride yesterday – loads of coverage, great fit and just forgot about them after a while. Didn’t fall off, but hopefully they’ll stave off re-constructive knee surgery for a few years…


    Got the 661’s and the launch. Have not used for the former for ages – the Fox’s although with slightly less protection, are easier to get comfy in (although ultimately no comfier than 661’s) and not as sweaty in the summer. Fox’s slightly tighter size for size.


    I’ve not tried them but like the look of O’Neal Sinners with the soft/hard on impact stuff.

    Whatever fits best would be my advice… Like helmets!


    Slight hijack. Can anyone tell me if the fox launch have a hard shell in them? I assumed they did, and am close to buying a pair but scamper’s post has made me wonder.

    I’ve recently tried some 661 kyle staits after years on Troy Lee T-Bones and the protection felt pretty minimal in comparison.

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    yes hard cap in the fox pads


    hi all,
    I’m looking to buy a set of knee pads.
    I must be one of the only people who are buying as a preventative measure instead of buying because they have already stacked it (like all my mates who have pads!).
    I’ve got damn skinny legs so I’m concerned that knee pads will either fall down or be so tight that I lose all feeling in my lower leg!
    Can anyone recommend a good pad for trail riding (mainly the welsh trail centres) and the occasional foray into a few jumps…
    my main criteria is comfort so Im tempted by the IXS hack even through they are a soft pad…maybe the 661 veggie too?
    it seems everyone has the Kyle Straits though, maybe for good reason?
    just want people’s opinions really.
    thanks in advance!


    scott grenades for the knee protection win

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