Knee fracture and ligament snap-How long to recover?

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  • Knee fracture and ligament snap-How long to recover?
  • Premier Icon dcl

    Just back from hospital and after an X-ray and MRI it seems I have a knee ligament snap/tear which has also caused a fracture of the knee cap.
    I have been sent home with a brace and just carry on until an appointment comes through after the results of the MRI are looked at.
    Has anyone had this and what is the recovery time?
    Any suggestions for pain relief because it is quite painful!

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    They didn’t prescribe pain relief? I’d be on the co-codamol straight away…

    Which ligament?


    sounds like the pattella ligment ans the kneecap is basically a part of this.

    Many months for ligaments to repair

    Premier Icon ahsat

    I almost certainly did this 8 years ago (though didnt have an MRI so the ligament tear was never spotted). I was back up and about on the bike after 6 months following private physio. However, 8 years on my knee has collapsed twice in the last 4 months and I am now on the waiting list for an ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair and general tidy up (fortunately it doesn’t look like I have refractured the knee cap) and am looking at 1-year post surgery recovery! Most of this damage was probably done in 2009! Your situation will depend on what the surgeon suggests and which ligament. At least you had the MRI – why on earth I didn’t 8 years ago…I wouldn’t be in the mess I am currently in!

    3 months -> the rest of your life.

    Trust me on this (did my knee ligaments 10 years ago. Hurts right now – just took a codeine pill)

    Premier Icon dcl

    Cheers guys!
    It seems that it might be the cruciate or lateral.
    They believe it was partially torn a few months ago when they diagnosed arthritis without a scan or X-ray. Hence it was weak.
    No pain relief prescribed but A and E was packed and full of fruit loops. Don’t know how they do it!! One guy was wandering in every room trying to nick stuff while waiting for an op and generally annoying staff and security

    Premier Icon leegee

    Broke patella into 9 pieces about two years ago, no ligament damage fortunately. Could’nt walk for 7 weeks, ride for 5 months.

    Now its almost back to normal but painful at times.


    Fractured patella and torn acl when I got hit by a cricket ball (not wearing pads being cocky in the nets) operated on after three days. Was in a brace for two months, three months worth of physio.
    Nearly 12 years later and having fractured it again in 2013 (tib and fib plus meniscus tear) it feels fine, aches slightly in the cold.

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