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  • Knard on a Crest – will I die?!
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    It’ll be fine as long as you only go in straight lines 😆


    Been considering getting something wider like a 2.4″ Ralph or Ardent for the front of my rigid Singular Swift.

    Spotted the wire bead Knard at Charlie Bikemonger’s is only a few quid more than said 2.4″ tyres.

    So…if I put a 3″ Knard on my Crest front wheel, what’s the worst that could happen? Would it be appreciably better than a 2.4″ tyre on that width of rim? Would I have to buy a tube for it, or would it go up tubeless (as I run my Crests currently)?

    (I have DT Swiss carbon rigids which will fit a 3″ tyre no problem)


    I think the minimum Surly say is 30mm internal rim ridth – so a Velocity P35 is about as narrow as you’d want to go. I’ve been loving running mine on the front of my Swift, but that’s with a Niner fork – it won’t fit through a standard Swift fork.


    Fits on a crest tubeless no worries but is a bit ….drifty in corners and you have to run a higjer pressure which kind of negates the point of big rubber. The black sheep guys have been using knards on flows with no problems at all though. Mine fits on a flow with no problems tubless at about 15 psi and fits in my fox f 29 for monster front end fun!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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