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  • Knackered lupine, any options?
  • st

    I’ve got a Lupine Tesla that started to get water into the reflector at the start of the winter and became temperamental. aftwr a wet weekend riding last week it’s now stopped working altogether even after a drying out and a recharge.

    Before I ditch it an get a new light (would rther not just at the moment) are there any options for gettign someone particularly clever to work their magic on it?


    Roter Stern

    TBH with influx of lights from China it would be probably cheaper to buy a new light than fix the Lupine and have better performance to boot!


    Hmm, that’s what I was thinking and am on the verge of getting onw of the set ups from MTB Batteries but then looking at the light again it seems wasteful just to bin it, ho hum.


    Sadly I can only recommend the lights from china, I’ve run torches and dedicated bike lights all of which have been caked in mud, dropped and regularly soaked and have never failed!

    Mary Hinge

    Troutie might be able to do something for you. Alternatively MTB Batteries for new lights!

    Speak to zyro the dist…I spoke to them about my Wilma in the past and they were great.sent it off and they upgraded it and fixed the issue and if I seem to remember the bill was paltry…

    Good service

    Premier Icon njee20

    May be interested in the charger if you’re disposing of it?!


    Zyro aren’t the distributer anymore are they? Why not try the Lupine website forum for suggestions


    Buy new as said before, I found lupine Germany pretty helpful during non warranty claims until they realised I wasn’t German, within the UK though not a chance of any useful help

    Get a uk supplied magicshine or take a punt on saving money direct from China via eBay

    Back to Lupine – their warranty service is pretty good.

    As already mentioned, Zyro don’t distribute in the UK any more – it’s now being dealt with by someone called Leveret Productions (contact details given to me by Lupine HQ. FWIW, the German guy, Stefan was pretty helpful)

    I need to send my Wilma back, but am now afraid to use Royal Mail for fear of having my very expensive light stolen and sold because it contains a battery…

    Neil S

    As bullandbladder says, Stefan from Lupine is the man to speak to.

    Sent me a replacement battery case after I broke it being heavy handed. It arrived via UPS next day and didn’t cost me a bean. I couldn’t ask for better customer service!

    Just send them an email via the website 🙂


    Premier Icon trout

    Its likely that if water has got to the circuit board it will have corroded things so will need at least a new board .

    by the time you have paid the postage and repair costs it would be better to buy a new light

    Re sending by mail you can send Lithium batteries as long as they are with or connected to equipment and labeled correctly
    they need on of these labels on with a phone number and your address too .

    apart from losing one battery I have had no issues since with the correct labeling.
    just dont send a light connected to a battery

    I would volunteer to have a look but from experience they are not worth trying to mend them with the cheap chinese lumens available now.


    Thanks all, that should be enough to get me over to MTB batteries. Not interested in buying from abroad or taking a flyer on EBay. I’ll stick local and safe. Might stick the working battery and charger on the classifieds after Christmas.


    If the battery is still in pretty good shape, you can post the battery and charger to me and I can put compatible connectors on and then you just need is a new light head.

    Actually, message me after Crimbo and I’ll sort you out no probs.. my way of helping CT Trails.


    Sound Smudge, thanks for that. I’ll be in touch next week. Stu.

    You could buy mine, you’ll have spare battery’s and leads as well……Lupine Wilma
    £150 posted, no longer interested in swapping for an IPhone.

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