Klein Attitude Race – what's it worth?

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  • Klein Attitude Race – what's it worth?
  • I'm considering selling my rather lovely Klein in order to make way for a new steed. I think it's from about 2000, although I can't be sure as I can't remember exactly when I bought it. It's in good nick, with a few chips and a bit of chainsuck but nothing out of the ordinary. Size is large.

    It has Hope hubs on Mavic rims, XT and XTR groupset, Thomson seatpost, RaceFace handlebars, and Candy pedals with various other bits of blue on.

    Any suggestions of what I ought to look for price-wise would be appreciated – I would like to sell as a whole bike although I realise it's a nice frame for a singlespeed.

    All photos were taken strategically next to my neighbours lawn and pathway so I will forward any critical comments direct to him!



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    No discs? Not much I would say.

    it's worth keeping, that's what it's worth

    i hope to be buried with mine


    i would say not alot, it isn't a "real" Klein so you loose on that score and it has no disk mounts.

    You sure thats a large? from the headtube length, it looks more like an XL.
    I've said this on previous Klein threads, but if it was made in the Chehalis Klein factory, it is a real Klein, even if Trek owned them at that point.

    I've said this on previous Klein threads, but if it was made in the Chehalis Klein factory, it is a real Klein, even if Trek owned them at that point

    there's a mob from retro bike on the way to your door with wood, oil and a blazing torch

    Aye!, I'm f***in' waitin'! 😈


    a real klein would use a MC2 headset, press fit bottom bracket, stupid dropouts, etc. I don't argue about ownership of the company but about the bike itself.

    a "real" klein

    No, thats merely a slightly 'more' real Klein. 🙂
    TBH, the Airhead headset, while modern looking, was often less reliable than the Aheadsets that came in later in the cycling world. I know a few folk that still have old Attitudes, and they've always had a bit of play.


    west kipper, not arguing about function either, if your selling on retro grounds it has to be the right thing. Tioga Disc drives are crap but do look and sound good! White porcs, what was the point? and how much do they go for now.

    As a klein the OPs isn't old enough or new enough IMO to get the best price.

    Well to that extent I'd agree mrmo, but I think the OP was just after a figure to see if its worth selling.
    The thing that lets it down, more than discmounts (I think it has a hayes mount) is the whole suspension fork length issue. I have one from the same era, and while it boots the arse off anything else I've ridden, you cant fit a modern fork without ruining the geometry.

    the same problem means i've been battling with unreliable pace forks for years now on mine


    i was looking at the chainstay and can't see the little blocks that Trek/Klein had to mount a disc brake. Fork length isn't that much of a problem. I have a Bontrager race which would have used the same fork length, 63mm. It is using an 80mm Magura now, it is a little slower steering but not too bad. At least it is 1 1/8" so you can get something unlike my bike with a 1" headset.

    As for the original question go to retrobikes and see if anyone can some up with an answer,

    Aye, I just went fully rigid, and repeat the mantra to myself "I embrace the bumps… I embrace the bumps…" 🙂
    You're right mrmo, I cant see the hayes mount either.

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    OK, so I'll be the 1st to try and answer the OP's question. Unfortunately about £350 at most I would think.

    It's not legitimate enough or eccentric enough to be valuable as a pre-Trek Klein (MC2, press fit bb etc), and not modern enough to be desirable (no disc mounts).

    Despite the fancy paint job, it's not worth any more than any other 10 year old aluminium framed bike. Underneath, excluding the slightly fatter headtube (which just takes a standard headset) and square chainstays, it's not much different from a Trek or Fisher of the same era.

    If you don't need to sell it, I would keep it. Sorry it's probably not the answer you were looking for. A shame as it's a decent enough bike, but anybody looking for a 'real' Klein would pass it by, and that's where the real money is.

    Thanks all for your help. West Kipper, you're right, it is an XL!
    Solarider – £350 was about what I thought it might be, so that's helpful.

    Love the picture of the older Attitude, beautiful bike


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