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    Just had a go with a Symphony Beach 1.3 on a beach in Tiree – really really good fun and I now want one.

    But is it worth getting something a bit bigger like a 1.7 or a lava? Whats the difference between at Symphony Beach 1.7 and a Lave 1.8 ?

    I liked the lightness of the 1.3 but would probably want something with a bit more pull after a while.

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    Get the 1.3 to get going and upgrade later…kites are like bikes. You always need another one.

    I'm down to an original Peter Powell, a Revolution and a handful of homemade ones. and the 40foot mylar dragon. Oh and the emergency sled in the car.

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    I have several kites , great fun but the bigger ones are unreal . I have a nice 5mtre peel kite I'd like to get rid of it if your brave enough . I started with a 2.4mtre radsail it can fly on two or four lines and will drag a buggy/you(whole family if its windy)down the beach.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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