Kitchen lighting.

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  • Kitchen lighting.
  • pingu66

    We have had a new kitchen in and need some lighting advice.

    Thinking of 8x50w downlights possibly swapping the lamps for LEDs. The room is 4.3m x 2.6m with a little off to the side at one end.

    A we have had cupboards removed the old 4 way spot is useless, it was pretty crap anyway and I would need at least a 6 way now.

    Alternative suggestions are welcome but the only other thing I can think is to move the existing fitting and stick another in so I now have two spot locations.


    A 36W strip light and some LED spots to create atmosphere when you don’t need all the white light from the strip. All LED spots are not equal; there are some good suggestions on other threads if you use the search.

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    If I was starting from scratch I’d seriously consider some of the dedicated LED downlights rather than swapping the bulbs on something designed for halogens. This sort of thing – (cheaper versions are available!)


    not sure you need 8 spots. I have 4 in the kitchen which is about 5×3 and its fine.If you have a cooker hood with light this acts brilliantly as a second back ground light source and we often just use that.

    LEDs are ok but you need to spend the cash really to get ones that last and don’t over heat plus give you a decent light. I personally hate linear fittings (36W strip in the kitchen/house)but they do give off good light.

    If you get LED fittings then JCC and the Aurora Solo are decent starting points….after that things get pricey.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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