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  • Kit that actually makes you go faster?
  • Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    A Camelbak, in the cupboard instead of on my back.

    Take less crap out, 750ml bottle on the bike, tools tube and lightweight jacket in a seat bag. Way better than riding with a rucksack. (Still do use it when riding alone in wilder spots, got to be safe)

    Anything and everything

    It’s not often I buy stuff for vanity. So everythign from stiffer stem’s to grippier tyres is either to make riding better in some way and therefore longer or faster rides.

    Brakes – I had no confidence in my old ones
    Stem – old one wasn’t stiff enough, had a cheep temporary one that weighed ~300g so spashed out on a lighter one but it was still an upgrade from the original.
    Dropper post – see the forum ad nauseum
    Tyres – self explanatory
    FS bike – self explanatory
    new wheels – well the old ones weren’t round
    forks – stiffer and better damped = more grip + more confidence = faster

    It’s a hobby, I don’t begrudge people who spend more money than me on it. Similarly I can’t look down on people riding cheeper bikes as a) I’ve been there and didn’t enjoy cycing any less than I do now (it was just more fustrating and sometimes harder work) b) I’ve a rigid SS so know that it’s not about the kit!

    Next upgrades – some coaching to iron out bad habits and I can’t decide whther I want stiffer wheels on the road bike. either will cost significantly more than my first MTB!

    Premier Icon eddie11

    Michelin dry2s! Thought they were great until I woke up on Walna scar road with a broken wrist and bruised ribs. Not trusted since.

    Fast = non sticky tires, paying for kevlar bead, good bearings, light wheels, knee pads, practice and riding with people who are faster than you


    A “big fat rocket powered” bike made me a few mph quicker…


    Premier Icon Paceman

    1. Learning some new skills via books, videos and a skills day.

    2. Riding regularly with people who are faster than me.

    3. Getting into night-riding.

    4. 29″ wheels 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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