Kintyre Way 3 Ferries Ride

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  • Kintyre Way 3 Ferries Ride
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    I had a go at riding some of the Kintyre Way at the weekend. There wasn’t a lot of info available on it from a riding point of view, just a couple of blog posts and few things on here. Anyway, it was actually pretty good and a lot of effort has been made to way mark the route. The scenery is brilliant and the route is ideal for biking. Calamc are doing a direct ferry to Campbeltown now so it’s easier logistically than it was a few years ago. There’s a write up here if anyone is interested in giving it a go:


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    Didn’t spot the new Campbelltown ferry till it had nearly finished last year – so did the three ferries on the road bikes on the last weekend it was sailing. Was expecting the bit down the east coast of Kintyre to Campbeltown just to the a coastal pootle – jings theres some hills! Really nice run though.

    Spotted there was an off-road route as well so will have to check out your writeup

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    Nice write up. I’d been looking at this but knowing you can do it in a day is very interesting.

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    Thanks. I’m thinking of some other variations on this over a weekend. Maybe trying the southern bit of the kintyre way or staying in Lochranza and doing an offroad route across Arran to finish.

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    nice one Tom 🙂

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