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  • Kingdom Bikes – anyone bought from them?
  • Darran of Lavatrax in Tenerife (Potdog on here) has Kingdom bikes and is a big fan – I hired one from him last year and it was great. I’d go ahead and give them a call.


    That’s odd, I found them excellent to deal with responding around the clock and quickly.

    Maybe it’s a case of having the right contact person however I gathered the team is very small.

    I dealt with Chris Jackson when buying a frame and then my many numpty questions about cable routing. Also English so no language issues.

    I’m sure he won’t mind me giving his email address. I’ll pm you with it.


    I’ve been on the lookout for an affordable titanium handlebar and Kingdom Bikes (Denmark) are currently taking pre-orders for theirs (€130). However they’re a little wider that I’d like and I’ve emailed a number of times (4 I think) asking if I could cut them down, carriage to the UK and expected delivery times; unfortunately I haven’t heard anything from them.

    I’m a little nervous about sending money to someone who won’t (or can’t be bothered) to get back to me (interestingly their main contact email is also their Warranty email which is also a little unnerving!) and I was wondering whether anyone had bought from them in the past. They do have a telephone number, but my Danish is non-existent (although I suspect that their English will be better).


    Those bars have been on pre-order/out of stock for over a year

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    Torus have some flat bars which may be worth a look. Bought mine off here 2nd hand and they have been fine, I’m not dead yet.


    Those 760mm wide Torus bars are new. Hmm……….. interesting

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    Got two sets of the bars, lovely shape and take the “buzz” out of the trail when running a rigid fork as a Ti bar should ~ Love them 🙂


    I’ve had 2 frames and numerous parts from them. Always spot on to deal with- fast responses and good discussions.They’re not a massive outfit, so I guess responses might be slow if they’re out & about.

    i’ve had the torus bars and seatposts previosly and both were fine

    Hi. A friend spotted this thread and suggest I introduce myself.

    I’m Adam, my company website is and I run the UK demo program for Kingdom. The Sparta bars are in stock with Kingdom, yes you can cut them down if you want. I can have some shipped from Denmark, as I’m out of stock currently (I only have Burgtec and Enve in) and you can try them out on your own bike for 14 days on a demo basis. I offer demo facilities on bikes and 14day on components.

    By all means contact me here or directly on the website/email –">




    Keep Sat 7th / Sun 8th October free! The guys from Denmark will be over to chat all things Kingdom, titanium, geometry and bikes in general. It’ll be a great chance to see the whole range of Kingdom bikes in one place, demo them on proper trails and then grab a coffee / beer with all of us and talk bike.
    We’ll have a full complement of Kingdom bikes on site:
    Vendetta LS,
    Vendetta X2,
    Hex LS,
    All available to demo on some great trails around the Pedalabikeaway Centre at the Forest of Dean…

    Adams a really nice guy, to ride his bikes 😉

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    I think Chris is currently drowning under a sea of Vendetta X2 frames that have just landed and need turning around for shipping out. They’re usually pretty quick to answer emails otherwise.

    But as above, Adam at Really Good Bikes is now the UK distributor and will be able to sort you out.

    I’ve run the Sparta bars myself and like the shape.

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