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  • king rear wheel dilema……?????????
  • Based on experience as a mechanic at a certain large shop in Manchester, then another mtb shop in Leeds – I’d go for Hope anyday. We used to have no end of problems with CK rear hubs. Ok the odd Hope flange broke – but it was an insignificant number considering the amount we sold. Incidentally, we also had CK flanges break so it’s not a Hope specific problem. Hope are just so easy to service and are a UK company offering the best after-sales/warranty service I’ve ever known!


    always run Hope 20mm Pro IIs on the front and Ive got my 6yr old King on the rear.


    BTW – King have now replaced the rear cone bearing adjuster thing with a simpler screw on arrangement that has a locking collar (allen key bolt to lock).

    i find the 2.5mm key lock collar less friendly than the spline interface of previous 🙁


    LOL “I’m running a king hub and it’s 6/7/8 years old”

    My shimano’s are 6 years old, running fine with occaisional servicing & one freehub a bit worn, I don’t even think twice about it and they’ll keep on going, just like the 1990 xt’s now on a road bike.

    But king owners have to say how great that makes their hubs.

    cynic-al in not riding any distance over a 6 year period shocker 😀

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    I have CK, Hope Bulbs and Hope Pro II’s. All have been very reliable, however my LBS has had at least 3 ProII rear hubs with broken springs in the last couple of months. I do like the near instant engagement on the CK, and find the noise from the Pro II a bit excessive. If you can afford a CK why not also look at the I-9s – look very nice.

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