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  • kinesis pro6 build gearing/brake build help please
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    Do people combine mtb bits in there as they are stronger and more reliable

    More to do with the range of gears I’d imagine?

    Could well be wrong though.

    All depends on what type of riding your’e going to use it for?

    Was thinking of shimano 105 double groupset and avid bb7s.

    Nowt wrong with this.. although a double would be good, but 53-39 would be too high ( IMHO) for CX.. a 46/36 front combo would be better.


    Check compatibility though – 10 speed Shimano road shifters aren’t compatible with 10 speed MTB rear mechs etc. (though I’m sure someone will be along to say how they bodged it to work).


    My advice would be a compact chainset, 34/50 but check the width of the spindal, my crank arms rubbed on the chainstays so swopped for an xt chainset 36/48. The cyclo cross chainsets are 36/46.

    Road rear mechs only go upto a 28t cassette (officially) apart from the Sram apex I think which is why they use mtb mechs.

    Off the top of my head a 9sp shimano xt rear mech works with 10speed shimano shifters but you need to check that.

    I run a 10speed Sram xx mtb rear mech with Sram rival shifters.

    I guess it depends how strong/fit you are and if you have any hills. I live on west Yorkshire and I need a 32 cassette.


    105 rear mech, 34t tiagra cassette, 105 front mech, CX 70 chain set and 105/ultegra shifters here.

    Mech is short cage and copes fine with the cassette. I don’t find the roadie parts any less durable


    Depends what you want to use it for? I run mtb gearing as I ride it on the same trails as I ride my mtb on. So road shifters / mechs (Tiagra) with MTB cassette (11-32 XT) and MTB cranks (28/40 XT I think).

    Obviously this wouldn’t be ideal for racing, but I use mine more as an all-rounder.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Not sure what to get for my new build as I’ve never had a road /cx bike.
    Was thinking of shimano 105 double groupset and avid bb7s.
    I have noticed people using a combo of mtb rear mechs and road cranks.
    Also seen a few using xt cranks / mechs but with different shifters.

    So what works best? Do people combine mtb bits in there as they are stronger and more reliable?

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Wont be racing..more for pootling round local cheeky rides and hopefully commuting a few times a week.
    I’m used to riding with 7 working gears with a 36t chainring on my mtb… So having 20 gears will be great / confusing.


    run 9 spd mtb gear stuff as that’s what I had and was riding a lot of steep hills (25%) – if start from scratch now with the bigger cassettes on 10speed and I’d go 105 compact when replace

    bb7’s – only downside is the noise – i’d look at these not sure of quieter but the reviewer really raves


    Mines all sram Apex with 50/34 up front (FSA Gossamer) and an 11-32 out back, tidy

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Go for the Spyre brakes as per antigee’s advice – they’re superb.


    How do the frames come up size wise? I have 56cm & 57 cm usually in a road bike, but would I need a 54cm or 57cm in one of these?

    Premier Icon senor j

    Hello O.P. -I have a 105 compact chainset on mine ,34/50 I think , with a 28 cassette. As others have said , depends where you plan to ride it. I’m in the Sarf East & I also use mine as a commuter/fun bike.
    I think if I was taking it (off road) anywhere there were large hills ,then I would consider altering chainring/cassette/rear mech length.
    As for brakes , I worked a load of overtime when I ordered mine so being a hope fanboy 🙂 ,I bought the Hope v twin. Works a treat.My only criticism with the vtwin is an aesthetic one tbh.
    The spyre’s look great for the price though.
    ChrisA- This was my first foray into drop bars so I have no reference re sizing. I’m 5’7″ and got the 52″ which fits me perfectly.


    Out of stock at Upgrade…PITA, I’ve had Ultegra’s on back order since July, nothing till November now due to the recall.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Just phoned upgrade bikes and they are expecting delivery of spyres in a few weeks.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Im looking at these sat in my crc basket..
    Shimano 105 cx50 chainset 130mm, 46.36t, 170mm £61.19

    Shimano 105 5700 Double 10 Speed STI Lever – Set £125.99

    Shimano 105 5700 Double 10sp Front Mech £17.99

    Shimano 105 5701 10 Speed Rear Mech Short Cage £30.59

    Shimano 105 5700 10 Speed Road Cassette Silver, 11-25t £26.99

    Shimano 5700 105 Bottom Bracket Grey, 68mm, English Thread £17.09

    Total so far in basket.. £279.84
    Bought some wheels.. Hope hubs Mavic Open Pro wheels £125
    Frameset (Includes CXD carbon fork, seat post clamp, and FSA No.42/ACB headset)…£350 after TCB
    Apart from Brake calipers (was thinking TRP spyres) pedals, chain, bars,bar tape, stem, seat post (have a charge chopstick with 20mm setback i could use) and seat… what do i need.. any suggestions for the above as i havent got a clue (never had a road bike).

    Ideally id like to get the bike finished including pedals and shoes for around £1k

    Premier Icon Ben_H

    Are the prices above for second hand stuff? I really like the look of the Pro6, but it doesn’t seem to be available until November.

    I have a Cotic X at the moment, running a mix of Tiagra 4500 (9-speed) shifters, 105 front mech / chainset with 34/50T, M661 SLX rear mech, XT chain and a Deore cassette. The wheels are XT hubs on Mavic TN719 rims and Conti GP 4 Season 28c tyres; they’re a little portly, but strong and quick. Finishing kit is mostly Easton EA50 and BB5 brakes.

    It serves as a commuter, roadie and general around town bike – hence the “sensible” / durable spec in case it gets nicked.


    I’m at the stage, though, where I use it much more often than my Cotic Soul MTB (XT/R, Hope etc) – so I feel like a treat!

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