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  • Kinesis Crosslight Pro6… Brilliant
  • mattythemod

    Looking good !

    Are you running road rims on 135 mm hubs ? Was wondering if i would get away with my salsa 29er rims what sort of tyre clearance is there as i would like to run conti 32 mm gatorskins for road duties and 35 mm cross tyres for the roughstuff .


    I had the Mavic Open Pro’s built onto the Hope Pro 2’s. This rim will do a 23mm up to 38mm plus.I have Salsa Semi’s, if that’s what you have? on one of my bikes and the thinnest tyre I would go down to would be a 32mm. I don’t know what tyre clearance on the Pro 6 would be but certainly a 38mm knobbly fits ok.


    Really like the look of these, i really would like one but dunno how much of an upgrade it would be over my current crosslight 5t. im currently running canti so guess the disc brakes would be a great upgrade off road.
    expensive to get new frame, wheels and brakes though, maybe next year


    Had to make some “minor” changes. Swapped the Red for the DA7900 and put the CX75 Brakes/XTR 97 Rotors on. Should be no more than 8.4kg.

    Kinesis Crosslight Pro 6 green von niconj auf Flickr


    Looks real tidy, Kinesis are really bang on form at the moment, loving my Maxlight Sync, really like the look of the GF Ti, and I don’t really do road bikes.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Seriously considering buying the frameset (found one for £350) but its a 51cm…
    Im 5ft5ish and 29″ inside leg.. any opinions whether it will be too big?


    Glad to hear it’s brilliant as mine is on the way.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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