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  • Kinesis Aithein owners out there?
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    Looking at buying a aithein frame, anyone got one? Its a long time since I had a aluminium frame…..

    I was going to build it up for a winter bike. Our club rides don’t slow down in winter so I need a racey bike for winter. I was going to put the crudguards on it and to counteract the expected harshness I was going to put a carbon post and run 25mm tyres…anyone do this?


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    you’d be hard pushed to get 25mm tyres and Crud guards in there, it’s tight as it is with 25s in the rear

    it’s racey, that’s for sure, a carbon post might help a bit

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    I think rather than compromising with an Aithein, I’d get a TK3 or whatever the latest incarnations is called.
    Great frame: light, stiff, good handling and room for proper guards and big tyres.

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    I’ve run one in winter but without guards.

    And I wouldn’t say it was particularly harsh. Firm yes, but harsh no.

    Kinesis do other frames if you want 25mm tyres and guards though. Why do people think Kinesis; think good value frames and then try to make the Kinesis race frame into a winter bike? You just wouldn’t do it on a big brand race bik….or would you??? So why do it with the Aithein?

    I’ve got one cos I’m happy to make do without mudguards and don’t want the compromise of a heavier not as racey frame – I haven’t even tried the Aithein with 23mm tyres and crudguards though there are some in the spares box.

    But they’re ace frames and Kinesis warranty back up is excellent!

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    I don’t find mine harsh at all. I did 1100km in 4 days and didn’t have any discomfort.
    People expect to it be harsh as thats what they are told aluminium is like, but I have ridden carbon bikes that are more uncomfortable.

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